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Order Of Souls
Order of Souls.png
Type Trading Company
Location Outposts
Omnes in servitium animarum
— Order of Souls motto
Order of Souls icon.png

The Order of Souls are one of the major Trading Companies in Sea of Thieves. Formed by conjurers and seers, they have found a way to recapture the memories from the Skulls of Cursed Former Pirates. With this knowledge and power, the Order have set up a purple tent on every Outpost with a Madame who sends Player Crews on Bounty Voyages to reclaim these cursed Bounty Skulls. The Order will accept any Bounty Skulls for Gold and Reputation with the Company. Player Pirates can climb up to 75 Reputation Ranks with the Order of Souls by performing various deeds for them.

Lore[edit | edit source]

The Cursed Bounty Skulls

The Order was founded as an organization dedicated to the study of evil, reading the minds of the dead in hope of learning it's secrets.[1] Despite this, there are some who claim nothing has been found as of today.[2] Members of the Order of Souls are adept at magic, and may read the minds of living and dead alike. The process require only the skull of those whose minds they wish to read, and so they purchase skulls gathered from venturing pirates. They see their mission as revered, and do not accept adventurers who only gather skulls for the joy of killing. Despite this, they often feel forced to hire adventurers to gather the skeletons of the dead, mostly because the Order is very few in numbers. [3]

They use Kraken ink to see beyond this world, resulting in the black markings on their faces.[4]

NPCs[edit | edit source]

The following is a list of all the Order of Souls Representatives at each Outpost:

Offered Services[edit | edit source]

The following services are offered by the Order of Souls Madames at every Outpost:

Voyages[edit | edit source]

Order of Souls Representatives provide Player Crews with two type of Voyages

Bounty Voyages[edit | edit source]

Bounty Voyages are composed of Skeleton Bounty Map Quests that lead players on a bounty hunt for cursed Skeleton Captains that are defended by their Skeletal Crew. When defeated, these Captains leave behind their cursed Bounty Skulls that can be taken aboard and delivered back to the Order Madames for Gold and Reputation with the Company. The Cost and Difficulty of these Voyages increases with any purchased Order of Souls Promotions. Players can have up to 3 Bounty Voyages in their Voyage Inventory at one time and put them up for a vote at the Voyage Table. The Voyages are counted complete as soon as all of the Skeleton Captains on Maps are defeated.

Ashen Bounty Voyages[edit | edit source]

Players can also buy more lucrative, Devil's Roar exclusive Ashen versions of Bounty Voyages from the Madame at Morrow's Peak Outpost. These Voyages take players on islands throughout The Devil's Roar, where defeated Captains leave behind the higher value Ashen Bounty Skulls.

Ghost Ship Voyages[edit | edit source]

Available for purchase from Promotion Rank 25, Ghost Ship Voyages provide Crews with a single Ghost Ship Map, leading them to a Large Island overrun by a fleet of Ghost Ships. These Ships take relatively few Cannon hits to defeat, however they can overwhelm Crews with their numbers and Ghostly Cannonballs. Once a certain number of Grunt Ships has been defeated, a Ghostly Captain Ship will appear that has more health. The Ghost Captain Ship will always drop 4 Ghostly Skulls of the Damned and 1 Captain Skull of the Damned that are visible by a group of phantoms swirling around them. These Skulls can be taken back to the Order Madames for Gold and Reputation with the Company. The Cost and Difficulty of these Voyages increases with any purchased Order of Souls Promotions. Difficulty will affect the number of Grunt Ships needed to progress to the Captain wave and the total health of the Captain's Ship. The Voyage is counted complete once the Captain's Ship is defeated.

Reputation[edit | edit source]

Reputation is used to progress through the Promotions of the Order of Souls. It is acquired by selling Bounty Skulls to or completing Commendations for the Order.

Reputation, Promotions & Rewards[edit | edit source]

Reputation[edit | edit source]

Souls Rep Logo.png

Order of Souls Reputation is used to level up and earn higher Promotion Ranks with the Trading Company. Order of Souls Reputation is earned every time a relevant Treasure Item is sold to the Madames in their tents at Outposts (Crew-wide). Each Treasure item is worth a set amount of Reputation, which is separate from the item's Gold or Emissary Value. Players can also earn Reputation with the Order by completing Commendations for the Company (Individual) or lowering a higher than Emissary Grade II Order of Souls Emissary Flag at the Order of Souls Emissary Table (Crew-wide). Crews representing the Order as an Emissary will get increased Reputation gains with each Emissary Grade. The Order of Souls has 75 Reputation levels in total.

Players who progress through the Order of Souls Reputation Ranks can also unlock the Rogue Sea Dog Set Items for purchase at Outpost Shops.

Promotions[edit | edit source]

The following is a table of all the Order of Souls Promotions and the Items that are unlocked for purchase after achieving them:

Rank Promotion Name Cost Item Unlocked Cost Voyage Cost
5 Mystic Follower
Lowly Souls Tankard
10 Mystic Associate
Measly Souls Lantern
15 Mystic Apprentice

Prominent Souls Tankard
Order of Souls Emissary Flag
Order of Souls Costume



20 Mystic Acolyte
Notable Souls Lantern
25 Mystic Mercenary
Famed Souls Tankard
30 Mystic Hunter
Renowned Souls Lantern
35 Mystic Chief
Revered Souls Tankard
40 Mystic Captain
Esteemed Souls Lantern
45 Mystic Grandee
Legendary Souls Tankard
50 Master of the Order
Notorious Souls Lantern
55 Enchanter of the Order
Order of Souls Capstan
60 Conjurer of the Order
Order of Souls Cannons
65 Seer of the Order
Order of Souls Wheel
70 Sage of the Order

Order of Souls Hull
Order of Souls Flag


75 Magus of the Order

Order of Souls Figurehead
Order of Souls Sails



Order of Souls Emissaries[edit | edit source]

Any players wishing to represent the Order of Souls on the open seas can do so by becoming an Order of Souls Emissary. To hoist an Order of Souls Emissary Flag, Players must first purchase it from any Company Representative for 20000 Gold once they have achieved the level 15 Rank of Mystic Apprentice. Player Crews can vote to raise a Company Emissary Flag at the Company's Emissary Table. Order of Souls Emissary Tables can be found inside every Order of Souls tent at Outposts. Once voted upon, the Crew's Ship will receive two Company themed Flags on their Ships to designate their Emissary status: a big Flag on the back of the ship and a Pennant on top of the Crow's Nest. These Flags will signify the Emissary Ship's current Emissary Grade and will change as the Crew progresses through these Grades. Order of Souls Emissary Flags are Purple and Green and will play a distinct tune when viewed from a Spyglass by other Crews. When an Emissary Ship sinks or is scuttled, the Emissary Flag will be lost along with any earned Grade progress. The Broken Emissary Flags that float up from the sunk ship can be sold to The Servant of the Flame at The Reaper's Hideout. When Crews vote to lower their own Emissary Flag, they earn large sums of Gold and Reputation with the Emissary Company (only after Grade 2).

Emissary Grades[edit | edit source]

The Emissary Grade icon of the Order of Souls.

Every Order of Souls Emissary will start out at Emissary Grade I and be able to progress up to Grade V. These Grades are displayed on the Ship's Emissary Flags. Players can also check their Emissary Grade progress by using the Equipment Radial Menu or opening up their Reputation tab at the Pirate Menu.

When reaching Grade V, Order of Souls Emissaries are eligible to claim a special Order of Souls Emissary Quest from any of the Order Representatives.

With each Emissary Grade, players will receive greater Rewards, Order of Souls Reputation and Emissary Value for any sold Bounty Skulls or Mermaid Gems. Note that Players do not get Emissary Grade Reputation from selling Items to the company. The following is a chart of the reward and value multiplier of Emissary Grades:

Emissary Grade Rewards, Reputation & Emissary Value
Grade 1 Base Reward
Grade 2 +33% Base Reward
Grade 3 +67% Base Reward
Grade 4 +100% Base Reward
Grade 5 +150% Base Reward

Emissary Reputation[edit | edit source]

Order of Souls Emissaries can gain Emissary Reputation and progress through Emissary Grades in the following ways:

Things that do not give Emissary Grade Reputation for Order of Souls:

Emissary Quest[edit | edit source]

Once Crews have reached Emissary Grade V when sailing as an Order of Souls Emissary, they will be eligible for an Order of Souls Emissary Quest. Only one Quest can be claimed per Crew per Emissary Run. This means that if players want to receive more Emissary Quests, they will have to reset their Emissary progress and work their way back up to Grade V again.

The Order of Souls Emissary Quest gives all Players of the Crew four Bounty Maps with 4 Skeleton Captains each dropping Villainous Bounty Skulls. Players can easily work their way back up to Emissary Grade V with the Quest alone if they decide to turn in their previous Grade V flag to the Company and start over from Grade I. Once back at Grade V, the crews can claim another Emissary Quest and repeat the process.

Emissary Value & Ledger[edit | edit source]

Order of Souls Emissary Value is earned every time a Crew sells a Treasure item to any Order Representatives while flying an Order of Souls Emissary Flag. Each Bounty Skull and Mermaid Gem has a set base Emissary Value. Crews get increased Emissary Value the higher the Grade of their Emissary Flag. When selling Treasure as a Grade V Emissary, the Emissary Value is doubled (see above chart for the multipliers). Emissary Value acts as a Player Pirate's individual scoreboard with a Trading Company.

A player's Emissary Value is counted in their Emissary Ledger, which divides all of the Company's Emissaries into four Ranks based on their total Emissary Value. Each Emissary Rank accounts for a percentage of the Company's total Emissary Value holders. A single Emissary Ledger scoreboard remains active for one month, after which it will be closed and reset. At the close of a Ledger, every Player Pirate to place in the first or second top tier will be rewarded with exclusive Company Sails.

The Order of Souls Emissary Ranks are as follows:

  • Tier 1 (bottom 25%) - Apprentice | No Reward
  • Tier 2 (bottom 25-50%) - Mercenary | Rewards the Emissary of Mystic Mercenaries Title at the close of a Ledger
  • Tier 3 (top 50-25%) - Chief | Rewards the Order of Souls Chief Sails and the Emissary of Mystic Chiefs Title at the close of a Ledger
  • Tier 4 (top 25%) - Grandee | Rewards the Order of Souls Grandee Sails and the Grandee of Mystic Emissaries Title at the close of a Ledger

Commendations[edit | edit source]

The following Commendations are achievable for the Order of Souls. The majority of these Commendations unlock same named Titles for the Players to show off.

  • Emissary of SoulsBecome an Emissary for the Order of Souls.
  • Worthy Emissary of SoulsReach Order of Souls Emissary Grade 2, 100 times.
  • Grade I - 1 times
  • Grade II - 25 times
  • Grade III - 50 times
  • Grade IV - 75 times
  • Grade V - 100 times
  • Dedicated Emissary of SoulsReach Order of Souls Emissary grade 3, 80 times.
  • Grade I - 1 times
  • Grade II - 20 times
  • Grade III - 40 times
  • Grade IV - 60 times
  • Grade V - 80 times
  • Esteemed Emissary of SoulsReach Order of Souls Emissary grade 4, 40 times.
  • Grade I - 1 times
  • Grade II - 10 times
  • Grade III - 20 times
  • Grade IV - 30 times
  • Grade V - 40 times
  • Unrivalled Emissary of SoulsReach Order of Souls Emissary grade 5, 20 times.
  • Grade I - 1 times
  • Grade II - 5 times
  • Grade III - 10 times
  • Grade IV - 15 times
  • Grade V - 20 times
  • Gathering SecretsSell 600 Order of Souls treasures while flying the Order of Souls Emissary Flag.
  • Grade I - 120 treasures
  • Grade II - 240 treasures
  • Grade III - 360 treasures
  • Grade IV - 480 treasures
  • Grade V - 600 treasures
  • Honoured MysticSell 320 Order of Souls treasures while flying a Grade 5 Order of Souls Emissary Flag.
  • Grade I - 60 treasures
  • Grade II - 120 treasures
  • Grade III - 200 treasures
  • Grade IV - 240 treasures
  • Grade V - 320 treasures
  • Order's GarbRepresent the Order of Souls through your appearance while sailing as an Emissary.
  • Order's LiveryRepresent the Order of Souls through your ship's appearance while sailing as an Emissary.
  • Order Through and ThroughAs Emissaries, fully represent the Order of Souls through your crew and your ship's appearance.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • The Motto Omnes in servitium animarum is Latin, for All in the service of Souls.
  • The ambient music of the Order is composed of haunting strings accompanied with bone chimes and low deep notes, in tune to their unsettling business.

Patch History[edit | edit source]

  • A new voyage is introduced into the Order of the souls that takes you to islands to fight Ghost Ships.
  • Order of Souls Ranks were increased from level 50 to 75, aside with the introduction of the Emissary system. It also adds the Order of souls ship set and costume.
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