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Naval combat in Sea of Thieves consists of one main goal; to sink your opponent's ship. Naval combat is the fundament of Player VS Player combat in Sea of thieves, and relies heavily on ship maneuvering and correct use of cannons. According to the pirate code, "Disputes Are Settled upon the Waves", implying this is how pirates settle disagreements.

The naval combat system[edit | edit source]

Offense[edit | edit source]
  • The main goal to win naval combat is to sink an enemy's ship. This is achieved by breaching the hull of an enemy ship, causing to to take in water and eventually sink. The easiest way to do so is to use your Cannons by loading them with cannonballs and shooting at enemy ships. To maximize ship damage, one should aim as low as possible, as that is where most water can enter their ship and sink it.
  • Having one's sails raised during cannon warfare it'll be much easier to aim, but it will also make you easier to target. These are dilemmas one will have to consider.
  • Another way to sink another ship is to carry explosive barrels and sneak into another ship, drop it, and shoot it until it explodes. This deals a large amount of damage to the enemy ship and may cause it to sink if you manage to slay the occupants as well.
  • The final way to sink an enemy ship is to cause a collision. This can either be done by ramming your own ship into theirs, but this will cause damage to your own ship. You can also try to pinch it if you can get the enemy ship between your ship and rocks out in the sea. This way they will eventually have to collide with either if you position yourself correctly, thus damaging their hull.
  • Killing the occupants of a ship makes sinking their ship much easier, as it gives you free time to do whatever you want. You can also take control of their ship and crash it, or cast their anchor to make it an easy target.
  • If you successfully manage to sink a ship, all the treasures onboard will sink to the water surface and let you carry them onboard your own ship. These treasures can be sold to the respective faction just like any other treasure you gain from voyages.
Defense[edit | edit source]
  • When defending against pirate attacks, one must pay good attention to controlling one's ship. If you sail alone you'll have to have quick reflexes as you have to pay attention both to the enemy ship and the cannonballs, and watching your ship to avoid enemy pirates sneaking up on your ship with an explosive barrel or throwing your anchor.
  • The most important element is to make sure you don't take in water. If your ship is hit, you'll get a hole in your hull which has to be shut close with wooden planks which can be found in your ship's storage. You can also use your bucket to pick up the water inside your ship and throw it overboard to avoid it filling your ship. When doing so, be careful you make sure enemy pirates won't get aboard your ship
  • If you choose to flee from an aggressor, you can try to throw them off by taking an explosive barrel; igniting the fuse and dropping it over the side of the ship near the ladders in either the port or starboard side. If the enemy ship is close enough, and you timed it properly, the barrel may just explode near their ship causing a decent amount of damage. It may be just enough to make your escape or enough risk to your aggressor that you are not worth the trouble. It always helps to have a few explosive barrels below decks!

References[edit | edit source]

  • In article 3 of the pirate code, it is stated that "Disputes Are Settled upon the Waves"

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