Masked Stranger

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This article contains information that may ruin your enjoyment of discovering the game's secrets for yourself. Read at your own risk!
Masked Stranger
Masked Stranger.png
Type NPC
Location The Reaper's Hideout
Company Bilge Rats

The Masked Stranger is a mysterious figure who is conducting archaeological research on Reaper related artifacts. She rescued newfound "lover" Stitcher Jim from being marooned in The Devil's Roar.

Background[edit | edit source]

She first appeared with Jim during the Smuggler’s Fortune Content Update at the then Uncharted Island The Reaper’s Hideout, working on deciphering the contents of Reaper’s Chests and creating drawings of Rituals with Shipwreck Bay at the center.

With the introduction of The Fort of the Damned (Content Update), she and Jim moved to Castaway Isle to keep a close eye on the newly transformed Fort of the Damned (previously known as Old Boot Fort, where the Ghostly form of Graymarrow was released with a Shadowy Ritual.

With the next The Seabound Soul (Content Update), their planned Ritual at Shipwreck Bay was completed, releasing the Ghost of Sir Arthur Pendragon from his curse, similarly to the Ghost of Graymarrow, who tasked the players with releasing three other cursed souls of Captains, accidentally releasing the soul of Captain Flameheart. During all of this, Stitcher Jim was at Taverns, filling in for Duke as the Bilge Rats Representative, while the Masked Stranger hid herself away at Wanda’s Hideout on Wanderers Refuge to work.

With the following Festival of Giving update, the Masked Stranger decided to chart the previously Uncharted Island at I/J-12 and name it The Reaper's Hideout. Here, she took residence on the southern island, dressing it up for the festive season, and began collecting Gifts from passing Pirates.

As of the Legends of the Sea (Content Update), the Masked Stranger has started building a Fort around the Eastern Island of The Reaper's Hideout, while accepting various Treasure items for double their value.

In the Heart of Fire Tall Tale, Stitcher Jim's carvings in the walls of his hidden Hideout at Liar's Backbone indicate that the Masked Stranger is Captain Warsmith.

Treasures & Rewards[edit | edit source]

The Masked Stranger is currently the only NPC accepting Bilge Rats Treasures:

She will also accept the following treasure for double Gold, but no reputation:

Dialogue[edit | edit source]

Current Event[edit | edit source]

At The Reaper’s Hideout during the Heart of Fire

Dialogue icon.png

Bring us your treasures and goods. We are not wanting for gold.

Haven't seen Stitcher Jim for a while?

My... beloved... is fulfilling his destiny as we speak.

Just what are you building here, anyway?

All will be revealed.
Soon, us forgotten souls will no longer have to wander.

Why do you wear a mask?!

I'm looking at your face and wondering why you don't.

Previous Events[edit | edit source]

At The Reaper’s Hideout during the Crews of Rage:

Dialogue icon.png

Welcome to the Reaper's Hideout

Where is Stitcher Jim?

My dear Jim is guided by a fate you cannot fathom.
Right now, he's preparing for a special journey.

Are you really paying double for some treasures?

Yes. An investor has taken an interest in this place.
Reaper's Chests are valuable to us. For now, so are Chests of Rage.
Let's help each other.

Are you worried about Flameheart?

His rage is boundless, his wrath terrible...
But neither are aimed at me.

At The Reaper’s Hideout during Legends of the Sea:

Dialogue icon.png

More. We need more.

So you're paying double for loot?

Yes. Bring us more.
I have... an investor.
Let's see who among you will fight hardest for our money

Where's Jim gone?

He has important business to attend to.
His role will be fulfilled soon.

Why...or what...are you building here?

Time will tell...
...very soon.

At The Reaper’s Hideout during Festival of Giving:

Dialogue icon.png


Who are you really?

I am she, and she is I. Yet I am only a servant of a greater power.

Stitcher sends his love!

I am eager for us to be together again. Our destinies are entwined.

Stitcher has many pirates out looking for gifts to bring you.

His devotion manifests in crude ways, but he is useful. I will reward you for bringing gifts.

No dialogue was available.
The Masked Stranger could be found in Wanda's Hidden Lab behind a locked door.

At Castaway Isle during Fort of the Damned (Content Update):

Dialogue icon.png


So... you and Jim? Has he popped the question yet?


At The Reaper’s Hideout during Smuggler’s Fortune:

Dialogue icon.png


So how do you know Jim?


You like to sketch things...


So, you and Jim... is it true love?


Identity[edit | edit source]

The Masked Stranger identity is unknown as she speaks so little, and conceals her face with a hood and mask. This mystery has created several theories among Pirates.

  • Wanda: Several clues lead to the Masked Stranger being Wanda. As she is a Skeleton, she would have incentive to hide her identity, and explain her desire for mystical objects. A sketch made by the Masked Stranger is of Wanda's Hidden Lab, and is noted as a location important to them. She is then found behind a locked section of Wanda's Hidden Lab during The Seabound Soul event. During the Heart of Fire (Content Update), Stitcher Jim's carvings on the cave walls inside his Hideout at Liar's Backbone indicate that the Masked Stranger is indeed Wanda.
  • Amaranta: For a time, it was speculated that Amaranta may have been the Masked Stranger. This was due to the Masked Stanger's mask bearing similar facial shape and features, notably Amaranta's beauty mark. Amaranta had also, for some unknown reason, left her post outside The Glorious Sea Dog Tavern during the the same time the Masked Stranger first made their appearance during Smuggler’s Fortune. However, Amaranta returned to her post during Fort of the Damned while the Masked Stranger could still be found travelling with Stitcher Jim.

Gallery[edit | edit source]