Marmoset Sovereign Bundle

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Marmoset Sovereign Bundle
Marmoset Sovereign Bundle.png
Type Bundle
Shop Emporium
Cost 649 AncientCoin.png
Get a Sovereign Marmoset Outfit and a proud Marmoset to wear it in one fell swoop.

The 'Marmoset Sovereign Bundle is a Bundle on the Pirate Emporium, which allows players to purchase a Pet and a Pet Outfit for that Pet at a 100 Ancient Coin discount.

Marmoset Sovereign Bundle[edit | edit source]

Marmoset Sovereign Bundle
Bundle Cost: 649 AncientCoin.png
Item Cost Description
Peaktop Marmoset 499 AncientCoin.png Marmosets have excellent agility, able to balance precariously on a pirate’s last nerve for hours.
Marmoset Sovereign Outfit 249 AncientCoin.png A princely costume for the most charming of monkeys.