Marmoset Kraken Bundle

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Marmoset Kraken Bundle
Marmoset Kraken Bundle.png
Type Bundle
Shop Emporium
Cost 649 AncientCoin.png
Get a Kraken Outfit and a Marmoset to show it off on the boardwalk.

The Marmoset Kraken Bundle is a time-limited Bundle on the Pirate Emporium in Sea of Thieves, which allows players to purchase a Pet Marmoset and a Kraken Pet Outfit for a discounted price. The Bundle was available during the January 2020 Legends of the Sea (Content Update).

Marmoset Kraken Bundle[edit | edit source]

Marmoset Kraken Bundle
Bundle Cost: 649 AncientCoin.png
Item Cost Description
Dark Ember Marmoset 499 AncientCoin.png Marmosets have excellent agility, able to balance precariously on a pirate's last nerve for hours.
Parakeet Kraken Outfit 249 AncientCoin.png When dressed like a Kraken, your Marmoset will feel big, bad and probably a bit slimy.