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Map Table
Map Table.png
Location Ship

The Map Table is located within a ship's lower deck, where players can see the ship's current position in relation to other islands so they can navigate the world. A maximum of one player can take control of the chart while others can take a look at their interactions. The chart is zoomed out by default, however it is possible to zoom in closer on any spot to make island names and landmarks appear. Players can also mark and unmark any spot of the chart with circles, up to 10 circles at one time.

The map is sectioned into a 26-square grid classified in alphanumeric coordinates. Alliance and Reaper ships are visible on the chart.

Functions[edit | edit source]

The chart can only be controlled by one person at once, with others spectating when using the table.

  • Interact Take control of, view or leave the chart.
  • Primary Use Marks and unmarks a circle on the cursor.
  • Directional controls move the chart around.
  • Switch weapons/Scroll Zoom in and out.

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