Madame Oksana

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Madame Oksana
GalleonsGraveOutpost OrderOfSouls MadameOksana.png
Location Galleon's Grave Outpost

Summary[edit | edit source]

Madame Oksana is the Order of Souls company liaison at Galleon's Grave Outpost.

Dialogue[edit | edit source]

  • This is the Order of Souls and I am Madame Oksana, reader of minds and gatherer of secrets long lost.
    • Sound like your Order of Souls are some kind of fortune tellers. Am I right?
      • Fortune telling?
      • Is that the limit of your desire?
      • We are so much more than simple card turners and charlatan ball gazers.
      • Years of dedication have granted us the ability to read the minds of Skeletons.
      • We can learn their secrets and discover the resting place of what they hide.
    • Can you magic me up some rewards if I help you out?
      • Sigh...
      • Our powers lie in the reading of minds, not magicking things from air like fabricated tales you read as a child.
      • Listen!
      • I hear your mind.
      • It chatters endlessly with hopes of gold, of possessions and of renown.
      • We can grant all of these things in return for the secrets we desire.
    • How many Skeletons do I need to bring you? I've got a pretty big ship!
      • Yes, I'm sure you do.
      • Fortunately, the skulls are all we require.
      • Seek out the Skeletons of importance, those who hold the secrets within their devious minds.
      • We'll mark these on the instructions we give you. It couldn't be easier.
      • I tire of your questions now, seek out my fellow Madames to learn more.
      • I'm certain Olga at Golden Sands would just love to read your palm.