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This page lists the locations in Sea of Thieves.

Location Types[edit | edit source]

Regions[edit | edit source]

The Shores of Plenty Map.png
The Ancient Isles Map.png
The Wilds Map.png
The Devils Roar Map.png
The blood sea.jpg

The Sea of Thieves map is currently divided into four Regions with the dangerous Devil's Shroud surrounding the edges of the map. Each Region is intended to have its own distinct theme and feel.

The Shores of Plenty[edit | edit source]

Main article: The Shores of Plenty

The Shores of Plenty comprises the North-West portion of the Map. It is composed mainly of tropical small sandy cays and islands with white sandy beaches and lush palm trees. The Sea of Thieves developers have stated that this region's feel was inspired by the Caribbean during the Golden Age of Piracy, along with a touch of Disney’s Pirates of the Caribbean films. The Shores of Plenty Region is tied to the Merchant Alliance.

The Ancient Isles[edit | edit source]

Main article: The Ancient Isles

The Ancient Isles comprises the Southern and South-Western portion of the map. It is composed mainly of large islands lush with greenery, rock monuments, hidden cave structures and ancient hideaways of pirate crews that used to sail these seas. The Sea of Thieves developers have stated that this region's feel was inspired by the Indiana Jones film franchise, in terms of adventure, exploring ancient ruins, and solving their mysteries; along with old swashbuckling adventure stories and pirate legends. The Ancient Isles Region is tied to the Gold Hoarders.

The Wilds[edit | edit source]

Main article: The Wilds

The Wilds comprises the North-East portion of the map. It is composed mainly of semi-fortified, "haunted" and deserted islands containing the remains of deceased pirates. This region is dark and cloudy, with the flora of the islands being largely wilted. The Sea of Thieves developers have stated that they wanted this region to feel darker and more threatening, with near-permanent cloud cover and native plant life slowly withering and dying. The Wilds Region is tied to the Order of Souls.

The Devil's Roar[edit | edit source]

Main article: The Devil's Roar

The Devil's Roar comprises the South-East portion of the map. It is composed mainly out of volcanic islands covered with half-burned plant life and strange red crystal growths. The Devil's Roar is a deadly stretch of ocean pockmarked with volcanic elements, threatening all ships that pass through. There are caves dotted around the area that offer little protection, but with constant Earthquakes and erupting Geysers and Volcanoes, nowhere else is truly safe. The Devil's Roar has its own high risk, high reward Voyages that can only be purchased at the only Outpost in The Roar, Morrow's Peak Outpost.

No Man's Sea[edit | edit source]

The No Man's Sea is the large Open Sea in the middle of The Sea of Thieves that is not a part of the other three Regions surrounding it. Despite the Sea Dogs setting up their Tavern and Arena at the large peak (called Arches Peak by the community) in the middle of these wild waters, none of the Islands or landmarks in the area are charted on any map, nor are these seas under any one Company's control. There are three Uncharted Locations here: Uncharted Island (I-12), Uncharted Island (K-9) and Arches Peak. While Uncharted Island (N-13) also seems to be here, it is home to Wildsplashes indicating that the Island is in The Wilds instead. No Man's Sea Islands are not home to any Regional Fish types, thus making them ideal for catching non-regional fish variants such as Shadow Stormfish or Twilight Stormfish inside Storms.

The Devil's Shroud[edit | edit source]

Main article: The Devil's Shroud

The Devil's Shroud marks the edges of the map that enclose the Sea of Thieves, but also conceal abandoned lands that may or may not have been inhabited. Sailing into the shroud the sea will turn Red with blood and slowly start dismantling a ship. A crew can tell that they are in the Shroud if they start hearing a high-pitched sound. Within the Devil's Shroud, it is rumoured that there is an Island of unimaginable riches called The Shores of Gold that can be only accessed by acquiring the Shroudbreaker artefact. Several Tall Tales tell of its legacy.

Land Locations[edit | edit source]

Outposts[edit | edit source]

Main article: Outposts

Outposts are the main inhabited Islands of The Sea of Thieves, housing a Tavern, various Shops, Trading Companies and a port for a crew's Ship. Every game session begins and mostly ends at an Outpost as this is where players can acquire Voyages or turn in their Treasure for rewards. There are no natural Enemies on Outposts apart from enemy Pirates who may want a part of the crew's hard earned Treasure and Resources.

Sea Posts[edit | edit source]

Main article: Sea Posts

Sea Posts are small rock Islets with a single Trader's Shop each who offer 5% discounts on a selection of three random items that change every midnight. Sea Posts also house the Representatives for The Hunter's Call Trading Company who peddle in rare or common Fish and Meat.

Fortresses[edit | edit source]

Main article: Fortresses

Fortresses are highly fortified Watchtowers, similar in size to Outposts. Most of the time, these Fortresses are abandoned and are quiet with a large number of Barrels with ample Resources and even left-over Gunpowder Barrels. However, at any time, one of the Forts can be taken over by hordes of Skeletons during a Skull Fort World Event. These Skeletons will man the fortifications and try to keep anyone away from their treasure filled Fortress Vault.

Islands[edit | edit source]

Main article: Islands

Islands are wild and uninhabited. There are three types of Islands Large Islands, Small Islands and Uncharted Islands. These can hide Barrels worth of left-over Resources and buried or forgotten Treasure. These Islands are home to natural Wildlife and even cursed Skeletons. These Islands are the main targets of Voyages issued by Trading Companies who dare not venture into these perilous locations themselves.

Uncharted Locations[edit | edit source]

The Tribal Statue located in a cave at N-13, accessible by swimming through an underwater tunnel.
The underwater tunnel entrance at N-13.

There are a number of "uncharted" locations that do not appear on the Map.

Uncharted Islands[edit | edit source]

Main article: Uncharted Islands

There are a number of Islands in The Sea of Thieves that are as of yet not charted on any Maps. These Islands are not targeted by Voyages, however they may be inhabited by various people or even hide various legendary secrets that can only be accessed through investigating Tall Tales.

Sunken Shipwrecks[edit | edit source]

Main article: Shipwrecks

Shipwrecks are sunken ships that contain large quantities of Resources (even Fish & Meat!) and various types of sunken Treasure. These can be located by large flocks of Seagulls flying above them.

Sea Volcanoes[edit | edit source]

Main article: Volcanoes

In the Devil's Roar, each Large Island is home to an active Volcano, however there are five additional documented Sea Volcanoes that can erupt at any time and easily take down any Ships in the vicinity. Most are positioned such that multiple small islands are within the range of their eruptions. Sea volcanoes can be found at X-12, V-15, Y-19, V-20, and Y-25.

The Ferry of the Damned[edit | edit source]

Main article: Ferry of the Damned

This Ghost Ship in the other world is the Locations where any dead Pirates of The Sea of Thieves are cursed to end up in after death. Any Pirate who is sent here will have to stay there until they are fit to be resurrected.

Rocky Islands[edit | edit source]

Rock formations jutting out of water, which cannot be explored on foot:

  • Thread-the-Needle Rock (J-14): A group of five rocky islands with the one in middle being a large arch-shaped rock formation located North from Snake Island. Fans have named this rock formation “Thread-the-Needle Rock” as its small archway presents a challenge for crews to navigate through.
  • The Maze: Fan name for a group of six or five oddly-shaped rocky islands of various sizes located North-by-Northwest of Ancient Spire Outpost. Its passage is generally too narrow to sail through with a Galleon, but skilled Sloop crews might safely sail through.
  • Pinky Rock: Fan name for a rocky island located east of Shark Bait Cove.
  • Silent Watchers: Fan name for four large jagged rocky islands surrounding the Isle of Last Words.
  • Happy Fish Rock: Fan name for a big rock formation located North from Isle of Last Word just offshore, which happens to look like a giant fish that is happy splashing in the water.

List of Land Locations[edit | edit source]

Locations, their Map coordinates, what type they are and which regions they are located in. Only Large Islands support Riddle Maps.

Outposts[edit | edit source]

Name Grid Region
Sanctuary Outpost F-7 The Shores of Plenty
Golden Sands Outpost D-10 The Shores of Plenty
Plunder Outpost J-18 The Ancient Isles
Ancient Spire Outpost Q-17 The Ancient Isles
Galleon's Grave Outpost R-8 The Wilds
Dagger Tooth Outpost M-8 The Wilds
Morrow's Peak Outpost V-17 The Devil's Roar

Sea Posts[edit | edit source]

Sea Posts
Name Grid Region
The Spoils of Plenty Store B-7 The Shores of Plenty
The North Star Seapost H-10 The Shores of Plenty
The Finest Trading Post F-17 The Ancient Isles
Stephen's Spoils L-15 The Ancient Isles
Three Paces East Seapost S-10 The Wilds
The Wild Treasures Store O-4 The Wilds
Brian's Bazaar Y-12 The Devil's Roar
Roaring Traders U-20 The Devil's Roar

Fortresses[edit | edit source]

Name Grid Region
Keel Haul Fort C-6 The Shores of Plenty
Hidden Spring Keep I-8 The Shores of Plenty
Sailor's Knot Stronghold E-14 The Shores of Plenty
Lost Gold Fort H-17 The Ancient Isles
Old Boot Fort L-14 The Ancient Isles
The Crow's Nest Fortress O-17 The Ancient Isles
Skull Keep P-9 The Wilds
Kraken Watchtower L-6 The Wilds
Shark Fin Camp P-5 The Wilds
Molten Sands Fortress Z-11 The Devil's Roar

Islands[edit | edit source]

Islands & Islets
Name Grid Type Region
Barnacle Cay O-15 Islet The Ancient Isles
Black Sand Atoll O-3 Islet The Wilds
Black Water Enclave R-5 Islet The Wilds
Blind Man's Lagoon N-6 Islet The Wilds
Booty Isle K-20 Islet The Ancient Isles
Boulder Cay G-5 Islet The Shores of Plenty
Brimstone Rock X-18 Islet The Devil's Roar
Castaway Isle K-14 Islet The Ancient Isles
Chicken Isle I-16 Islet The Ancient Isles
Cinder Islet U-14 Islet The Devil's Roar
Cursewater Shores Y-13 Islet The Devil's Roar
Cutlass Cay M-18 Islet The Ancient Isles
Flame's End V-19 Islet The Devil's Roar
Fools Lagoon I-14 Islet The Ancient Isles
Forsaken Brink U-16 Islet The Devil's Roar
Glowstone Cay Z-18 Islet The Devil's Roar
Isle of Last Words O-9 Islet The Wilds
Lagoon of Whispers D-12 Islet The Shores of Plenty
Liar's Backbone S-11 Islet The Wilds
Lonely Isle G-8 Islet The Shores of Plenty
Lookout Point I-20 Islet The Ancient Isles
Magma's Tide Y-20 Islet The Devil's Roar
Mutineer Rock N-19 Islet The Ancient Isles
Old Salts Atoll F-18 Islet The Ancient Isles
Paradise Spring L-17 Islet The Ancient Isles
Picaroon Palms I-4 Islet The Shores of Plenty
Plunderer's Plight Q-6 Islet The Wilds
Rapier Cay D-8 Islet The Shores of Plenty
Roaring Sands U-21 Islet The Devil's Roar
Rum Runner Isle H-9 Islet The Shores of Plenty
Salty Sands G-3 Islet The Shores of Plenty
Sandy Shallows D-5 Islet The Shores of Plenty
Scorched Pass X-11 Islet The Devil's Roar
Scurvy Isley K-4 Islet The Wilds
Sea Dog's Rest C-11 Islet The Shores of Plenty
Shark Tooth Key P-13 Islet The Wilds
Shiver Retreat Q-11 Islet The Wilds
Tri-Rock Isle R-10 Islet The Wilds
Twin Groves H-11 Islet The Shores of Plenty
Ashen Reaches V-23 Island The Devil's Roar
Cannon Cove G-10 Island The Shores of Plenty
Crescent Isle B-9 Island The Shores of Plenty
Crook's Hollow M-16 Island The Ancient Isles
Devil's Ridge P-19 Island The Ancient Isles
Discovery Ridge E-17 Island The Ancient Isles
Fetcher's Rest V-12 Island The Devil's Roar
Flintlock Peninsula W-14 Island The Devil's Roar
Kraken's Fall R-12 Island The Wilds
Lone Cove H-6 Island The Shores of Plenty
Marauder's Arch Q-3 Island The Wilds
Mermaid's Hideaway B-13 Island The Shores of Plenty
Old Faithful Isle M-4 Island The Wilds
Plunder Valley G-16 Island The Ancient Isles
Ruby's Fall Y-16 Island The Devil's Roar
Sailor's Bounty C-4 Island The Shores of Plenty
Shark Bait Cove H-19 Island The Ancient Isles
Shipwreck Bay M-10 Island The Wilds
Smugglers' Bay F-3 Island The Shores of Plenty
Snake Island K-16 Island The Ancient Isles
The Crooked Masts O-11 Island The Wilds
The Devil's Thirst W-21 Island The Devil's Roar
The Sunken Grove P-7 Island The Wilds
Thieves' Haven L-20 Island The Ancient Isles
Wanderers Refuge F-12 Island The Shores of Plenty

Trivia[edit | edit source]