Letters of Recommendation

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Letters of Recommendation
Letter of Glorious Recommendation.png
Location Tavern
Company Bilge Rats
Cost 30 Doubloon.png

Letters of Recommendation are Boost items that give a player 1 Reputation Level with a specified Trading Company upon purchase. Purchases are limited to one for each Trading Company per Content Updates. Every Letter of Recommendation costs 30 Doubloons. These Letters cannot be bought if the selected Company's Reputation has been maxed (level 75).

Types of Letters[edit | edit source]

Currently there is a Letter of Recommendation for each Trading Company.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Before the 2.0.7 Update, Players were not restricted on Letter purchases, meaning that they could buy themselves from 1 to 50 given that they had the Doubloons. Since Doubloons were more difficult to come by this was not an issue, however with the introduction of Reaper’s Chests and other Bilge Rat Treasures, the limitation of one per month for each Company was set.
  • Due to their rivalry with the rest of the Trading Companies, the Reaper's Bones do not accept recommendation letters from the Bilge Rats.