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Type NPC
Location Taverns
Company Bilge Rats
Related Black Market
Voice Actor Lisa Caruccio Came

Larinna is a NPC in Sea of Thieves who leads the adventurous Bilge Rats. She is stationed in front of every Outpost Tavern as representative of the Bilge Rats, offering Voyages and running the Black Market.

Background[edit | edit source]

Larinna is tall and wiry, adept at intimidation and getting what she wants with words alone. She is an expert swindler and good in a fight to boot, making an ideal pirate.

Larinna made it into The Sea of Thieves hiding as a stowaway on a Ship, determined to make her own fortune in the mythical Sea of Thieves. She desired nothing more than to find Uncharted Islands and sail on seas without maps, finding and exploring locations for the first time her own self. By the time she made it to the Sea of Thieves, however, she was disappointed to find that many islands had already been charted and that there were Outposts mimicking the life of the outside world. She disliked Trading Companies for being worse than pirates, because they want to own the sea and not allow single pirates to take what they claim theirs.

Current Dialogue[edit | edit source]

During Fate of the Damned First Week:

Dialogue icon.png

Greetings, pirate! Looking to part with your doubloons? Or can I tempt you into something more exciting than a shopping spree?

What about the Festival of the Damned?

Oh, we're celebrating, just like always! It takes more than the threat of impending doom to keep pirates away from a good time.
When I first arrived here, I must admit I found it strange to hold a festival in honour of the Ferryman. He's not exactly a party animal!
Still, if pirates want to throw themselves down a shark's gullet for the sake of a nicely-coloured lantern, who am I to judge?
We're offering rewards for anyone who can complete our Festival Challenges, so you'll probably see ships and beacons burning all kinds of bright.
Duke used to call them 'party boats' - but then, he would, wouldn't he? If you're feeling brave, you could try asking the Ferryman about them...

I like the sound of 'exciting'!

Who doesn't? I'm trying to solve a mystery right now, and you might be able to help if you've a ship and a nose for trouble.
A while back, I started hearing rumours that pirates had spotted Shadows of Fate, lurking on islands in the Shores of Plenty and the Wilds.
Oh, sorry - that's Duke's name for them. I'm talking about those shadowy skellies that are a little more... colourful than usual.

You're being pretty secretive...

We know very little about them, but they mostly seem to appear when pirates launch a raid upon the Fort of the Damned.
They're pretty dangerous, so if they really are spreading across the sea, we need to find out why. Oh, and destroy them all. Obviously.
If you'd like to join our investigation, I'm offering Voyages in the Black Market. Free to anyone who thinks they can help!

Previous Dialogue[edit | edit source]

During Vaults of the Ancients:

Dialogue icon.png

Hey, share a grog with me! I'm Larinna, founder of the Bilge Rats. I've got Black Market deals for you and Voyages to launch your next adventure.

You're the founder of the Bilge Rats?

Yep, it was all my fault! I took a bunch of lost merchants and sailors and taught them the truth of the pirate life... to love your freedom!
It's not about Trading Companies or getting rich or even becoming a Legend, if you ask me. It's about being in the moment.
So I ended up founding the Bilge Rats, a place for any pirate misfit who just wants to follow their nose and get into scrapes and adventures.
We don't have a leader. But if we did, it would be me.

Wait, what happened to Duke?

Ah, Duke was always the most friendly face in the Bilge Rats and never far from the tavern, but he got a little complacent.
He made some mistakes... his Voyages started to get a little stale, don't you think? Too much time in here instead of out there!
I think the Trading Companies rubbed off on him too much. This Black Market business reminds me of them. Some amazing stock, though...
We talked it over and he left to stay with his friend Umbra. Leaving me stuck here instead... huh.

Will you still sell Black Market goods?

Yes, I promised Duke I would. I'll admit, I like making coin right under the Trading Companies' noses... let's call it the 'Bilge Rat grog fund'!
Maybe I've been gone too long. It's time to put some thought into how the Bilge Rats will move with the times.
It's nice to be nearby to Athena's Fortune, though. I love popping in for a visit and rejecting the Pirate Lord's offers to become a Legend.
I may be the first person to give a ghost a headache.

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