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Merricks Journal.png
Type Stationary item

Journals are readable Stationary Items that can be found hidden all around The Sea of Thieves. These Journals usually uncover lore behind certain characters, artifacts or Ships. Most readable Journals have Commendations tied to locating and reading them.

Credit to D42STRIKER on the Sea of Thieves Forum for compiling most of these journals.

Merrick's Journals[edit | edit source]

Merrick's Journals were a set of journals added during The Hungering Deep event (and modified shortly), which provided clues to helping the players discover the location and summoning ritual for the first Megalodon. During the event, each one generally had two entries, which would lead the player to an NPC, who in turn would lead the player to the next journal. In total there were three journals in order: XX, V, and I.

Wanda's Journals[edit | edit source]

Wanda's Journals were a set of journals added during the Cursed Sails event, which detailed Wanda's experience in the creation of cursed cannonballs. While Salty was residing in Crescent Isle, he mentioned a few islands that he and Wanda visited that could provide clues to his circumstances.

Umbra's Journals[edit | edit source]

Umbra's Journals were added as part of the Legends of the Sea event, which added details around Umbra and past events on the Sea of Thieves and were placed all across the world. If you would like to read these journals, they can be found on the Legends of the Sea Bilge Rat Adventure page.

Shanty Journals[edit | edit source]

These books are also found in preset locations randomly. They contain a song. It hasn't been confirmed that all the songs are connected to playable shanties

Becalmed[edit | edit source]

Dialogue icon.png


Our ship, she dreams
Of wind in her sails,
Of wind in her sails unfurled.
And shining as we cross the sea,
We cross the sea for home.
Then we’ll all raise our voices,
A song in our hearts.
And set our eyes on distant shores
With wind in her sails again.
There’ll be
Cheering & calling,
No more
Squabbling & brawling
When we have the
Wind in our sails.
When we have our
feet on the ground,
We’ll sow our good
Fortune around.
There’ll be
Feasting & pleasure,
No more
Rationing & measure...
When we have the wind in our sails.

Bosun Bill[edit | edit source]

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Bosun Bill was known throughout the port,
a truly dreadful pirate who was always getting caught,
not one scheme for stealing he could hatch
cause someone would spot the treasure he'd got and Bill they'd snatch!
one day bill awoke laying on a distant beach
the last of his grog was just out of reach.
he groped around with trembling hands
and struck something in the sand!
he'd stumbled upon a part
of an ancient chart
strained and torn, the old map told
the way to find a stash of buried gold,
Bosun Bill set out to find a crew,
but everyone he asked replied, "I'll never sail with you!"
'til at last, he plied a man with ale
to lend him his craft, a rickety raft, then bill set sail!
all by himself, Bill trembled in the dark
he lost both his boots and his hat to a shark.
he followed the chart 'til at last he saw
the gleam of a far off shore!
the trail led into a cave
silent as the gave
Bill stood gaping at what he saw...
a hoard of treasure piled from roof to floor!
Bosun Bill stuffed treasure into his sack
he loaded up the boat, but heard a mighty crack.
he'd taken too much plunder when he should have kept it light
the raft and all the gold sank out of sight!
Bosun Bill let out a terrible curse.
he'd had a chance at glory but he'd only come out worse!
to this day hes trapped on the island still.
not very clever, worst pirate ever, its Boooo... sun... Bill!

Grogg Mayles[edit | edit source]

Dialogue icon.png


Theres a tale of old the sea dogs told bout a fearsome old marauder
He was such a brute he’d take all your loot then he’d sail off with your daughter
Who’s this loathesome rat you say? Who sailed the seven seas
He’d take on all the merchant ships and bring them to their knees
Grog mayles, grog mayles, black hearted to the core
Grog mayles, grog mayles! The gold he did adore
With a hand on the wheel and the other on his sword
You'd get strung up if you glanced at his hoard
Yes he was properly 'ard as nails
And they called him grog mayles
Now I get the feelin you’re not hearin how frightnin he would be
He could skin your chest right through your vest while he cutlassed off your knees
He’d plow his ship through storms and seas no other pirate dared
He plundered all the lubbers loot no treasure chest was spared
Grog mayles, grog mayles black hearted to the core
Grog mayles, grog mayles! Pirate provocateour!
Now is he dead? Cause we’re not sure
I thought I saw him at the tavern next door
Yes he is rather fond of ale… and they call him grogery mayles

Oh Hail, the Pirate Lord[edit | edit source]

Dialogue icon.png


Beyond the ocean, rocks and mist, lies a secret none can tell. Filled with booty, grog and reminisce, its my crews true place to dwell.
Oh where will I find a haven safe to stash my hoard? Hush now, you sea urchin! Just take it to the Lord!
He waits amongst a pile of gold. He wants them chests, unearthed, found and stole.
Just give em' up and then you'll see...Pirate Legend, maketh thee. Now set sail for destiny! Oh hail, the Pirate Lord!
Beyond horizon, reefs and port. Be a place that none can see. Stocked with parchment, grog, and long lost maps. It be filled with mystery.
Oh how will I make my ship a legend that's adored. Hush now you land lubber! You haves to please the Lord!
He waits amongst a pile of gold. Tell him, the things, to your crew never told.
Just serve him and then you'll see...Pirate Legend maketh thee. Now angle those sails for destiny! Oh hail, the Pirate Lord!

The Lucky Sailor[edit | edit source]

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I was a lucky sailor
as free as a tropical breeze.
But your love clapped me in irons,
and I can't reach the keys!
Now my heart is in your brig,
and I know its not the only lodger.
But since you cast away your love,
I'm no longer a Jolly Rodger.
I'd keep an even keel,
but it's a dirty deal!
There's no appeal!
And now I must walk this plank of love!
Darling, please be mine.
Only you can make me whole.
Your love is the lime.
For the scurvy in my soul.
I used to dream of sunken treasure,
But now my only wish is...
With you tonight,
Instead of sleeping with the fishes.

The Tale of the Rubbish Sailor[edit | edit source]

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Searchin' for loot wi' the crew one day,
Through me eyeglass somethin' glinted.
Found a treasure chest - the very best.
We knew it would make us minted.
'Coins of gold were ours to share.
But me I wanted more. Stole from me crew - just and extra few.
They knocked me to the floor.
'The brig. The brig.
Lock 'im up they said.
The brig, the brig.
Left me there for dead.
'Headin' back to port with our plunder
We was boarded by a rival.
Twas Three Sheets Neate - a dirty cheat.
We fought for our survival.
'Our crew was brave apart from me.
I hid on the balcony smokin'.
They weren't best pleased - me arms were seized.
Yer for it we ain't jokin'.
With this tale of the rubbish sailor.

Mysterious Journals[edit | edit source]

Found in preset locations randomly. They will give a short log, before giving you a Bottle Quest when read.

Dialogue icon.png

Possible logs

=== #1-Order of Souls ===
The fierce partnership and lifetime of piracy they shared now endures to far more treacherous ends. The bonds must be broken. Only the Order can release them now.

=== #2-Merchant Alliance ===
The Merchant Alliance is built on trust. The trust we have in each other and the trust we build with our customers.
Our impeccable record for reliability may be under threat unless I deliver this vital shipment

=== #3-Gold Hoarders ===
Lost for centuries, the knowledge of who exactly buried this haul of treasure remains a mystery. I may never know, for my bones are weary and the sun now sets. May the next brave wanderer continue my journey.

=== #4-Order of Souls ===
Long spread across the waves, the greed they share continues to compel them in search for treasure. Only blades and bravery can release them now. To those who may read this, purge them quickly!

=== #5-Gold Hoarders ===
The perpetual longing for gold and trinkets consumes the minds of lesser Captains and the Crews that follow them. Their freedom will come at a cost.

=== #6-Merchant Alliance ===
My quality of service record may well be compromised with this little detour for supplies. The Merchant Alliance's generous incentive scheme beckons me forward though. The crew and I are heading out to scout these island until the storm passes.

=== #7-Gold Hoarders ===
Athena's Fortune, it calls to me! I feel it in my bones...One final journey unto the horizon; so close, yet... the darkness... it follows me and my crew. Our final quest, scrawled here... may those who claim it fare better than we.

=== #8-Gold Hoarders ===
Deep we ventured into walls of stone. Lost without bearing or shine of light. Our voyage for gold is lost and our crew now broken, Now our fate appears clear. ..we may never find the lost hoard promised here...

=== #9-Order of Souls ===
Untameable greed consumed former pirates, transforming them into a deathless form. Retrieve the whispered secret now bound to skull and bone. This bounty now belongs to those who find these words. Claim their heads on my behalf...

=== #10-Order of Souls ===
The hoard they stole brought more than vast riches, it twisted their souls into a foul form. They must be released from their form. The location they haunt is inscribed here...

=== #11-Gold Hoarders ===
Endless days atop the ocean. Endless days at the grog. Though the final resting place alludes us still. Closer now. The crew is so close now to that shiny prize. Days pass and will falters. Spotted! They followed us! Black sails on a dark horizon. We leave this map until our return.

=== #12-Order of Souls ===
The tomes spoke of life everlasting. The ill-fated union of crews that went in search now forever binds them.

=== #13-Gold Hoarders ===
Who would bury what's left of their fortune beneath the sands, just waiting to be uncovered? Fools! This map is probably leads to nothing but bones and dust...

=== #14-Order of Souls ===
Crushing death and grief...soaked with blood of the trespassing thief. The Inferno has broken the shroud. May it sail these strange waters forever more. The captain lingers on, his life restored. His map now awaits the brave once more.

=== #15-Order of Souls ===
What heart there was, now lies only bones. The Cap'n looks thinner now but his rage stays whole. Eternal adventure under the mast says he, but our burden is heavy. No need for gold and trinkets... not where we be bound. The price be paid to be sure, and what a price it be. Beware this fate, those who follow thee.

Tall Tale Journals[edit | edit source]

Each Tall Tale has five Journals telling additional background stories to the Tales themselves. These Journals are generally hidden at Locations that the Tall Tales lead players to. Each Journal hints towards the location of the next Journal. Tall Tale Journals can only be found and read by the Crew that has the specific Tall Tale active. There are Commendations for discovering and reading all of the Journals in each Tall Tale. If you would like to read these journals, they can be found on their respective Tall Tale page.

Non-Interactable Journals[edit | edit source]

There are countless number of journals that are used for set dressing throughout the Sea of Thieves, though some of them may be of interest.