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Merricks Journal.png
Type Stationary item

Journals are readable Stationary Items that can be found hidden all around The Sea of Thieves. These Journals usually uncover lore behind certain characters, artefacts or Ships. Most readable Journals have Commendations tied to locating and reading them.

Merrick's Journals[edit | edit source]

Wanda's Journals[edit | edit source]

Tall Tale Journals[edit | edit source]

Each Tall Tale has five Journals telling additional background stories to the Tales themselves. These Journals are generally hidden at Locations that the Tall Tales lead players to. Each Journal hints towards the location of the next Journal. Tall Tale Journals can only be found and read by the Crew that has the specific Tall Tale active. There are Commendations for discovering and reading all of the Journals in each Tall Tale.