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Type NPC
Location The Wild Treasures Store

Jonah is the Shopkeeper at The Wild Treasures Store Seapost.

Dialogue[edit | edit source]

Dialogue icon.png

Jonah! Sorry, that's me. I don't see people as often as I'd like. Who are you? What do you like? Can we be friends? Want to buy something?

I'm sure we'll be friends...

YES! I knew it! I have a friend! Who's laughing now, Mother?
Should we braid each other's hair?
Oh, and you must stay for tea.
I'm available Monday until... erm... all week. At all times. If you wanted to do something together.
Just an idea. Come and pick me up in that lovely ship!

What do you sell here?

Oh, here at The Wild Treasures Store we sell everything! My stock changes a lot, so come again often.
You will come again, right?
You have to come again.
I'll find some fun new items for you, since we're best friends!

You seem a little bit lonely out here, Jonah.

Ha! Ha! Ha! Don't be silly, how could I be lonely with you here, my new best friend in the whole world?
I like being out here, making my own way. Mother says it's for the best.
I did try to start a shop at Dagger Tooth Outpost, but... after the incident...
Yes, it's for the best.