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A group of pirates playing their instruments together.

Players are able to use instruments to play shanties together. If a player is already playing a shanty, other players can join in with their instruments and add to the song.

Multiple players on the same team playing instruments in the vicinity will sync their playing automatically.

Players in an intoxicated state from drinking Grog will play out-of-tune until they become sober.

Snakes can be charmed into a trance by playing nearby, preventing them from attacking.

When underwater the music plays muffled.

Types of instruments[edit | edit source]

Shanties[edit | edit source]

Becalmed[edit | edit source]

Dialogue icon.png


Our ship, she dreams
Of wind in her sails,
Of wind in her sails unfurled.
And shining as we cross the sea,
We cross the sea for home.
Then we’ll all raise our voices,
A song in our hearts.
And set our eyes on distant shores
With wind in her sails again.
There’ll be
Cheering & calling,
No more
Squabbling & brawling
When we have the
Wind in our sails.
When we have our
feet on the ground,
We’ll sow our good
Fortune around.
There’ll be
Feasting & pleasure,
No more
Rationing & measure...
When we have the wind in our sails.

Bosun Bill[edit | edit source]

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Bosun Bill was known throughout the port,
a truly dreadful pirate who was always getting caught,
not one scheme for stealing he could hatch
cause someone would spot the treasure he'd got and Bill they'd snatch!
one day bill awoke laying on a distant beach
the last of his grog was just out of reach.
he groped around with trembling hands
and struck something in the sand!
he'd stumbled upon a part
of an ancient chart
strained and torn, the old map told
the way to find a stash of buried gold,
Bosun Bill set out to find a crew,
but everyone he asked replied, "I'll never sail with you!"
'til at last, he plied a man with ale
to lend him his craft, a rickety raft, then bill set sail!
all by himself, Bill trembled in the dark
he lost both his boots and his hat to a shark.
he followed the chart 'til at last he saw
the gleam of a far off shore!
the trail led into a cave
silent as the gave
Bill stood gaping at what he saw...
a hoard of treasure piled from roof to floor!
Bosun Bill stuffed treasure into his sack
he loaded up the boat, but heard a mighty crack.
he'd taken too much plunder when he should have kept it light
the raft and all the gold sank out of sight!
Bosun Bill let out a terrible curse.
he'd had a chance at glory but he'd only come out worse!
to this day hes trapped on the island still.
not very clever, worst pirate ever, its Boooo... sun... Bill!

Grogg Mayles[edit | edit source]

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Theres a tale of old the sea dogs told bout a fearsome old marauder
He was such a brute he’d take all your loot then he’d sail off with your daughter
Who’s this loathesome rat you say? Who sailed the seven seas
He’d take on all the merchant ships and bring them to their knees
Grog mayles, grog mayles, black hearted to the core
Grog mayles, grog mayles! The gold he did adore
With a hand on the wheel and the other on his sword
You get strung you up if ya glanced at his hoard
Yes he was promptly hard as nails
And they called him grog mayles
Now I get the feelin you’re not hearin how frightnin he would be
He could skin your chest right through your vest while he cutlassed off your knees
He’d plow his ship through storms and seas no other pirate dared
He plundered all the lubbers loot no treasure chest was spared
Grog mayles, grog mayles black hearted to the core
Grog mayles, grog mayles! Pirate provocateour!
Now is he dead? Cause we’re not sure
I thought I saw him at the tavern next door
Yes he is rather fond of ale… and they call him grogery mayles

Ride of the Valkyries[edit | edit source]

Videos[edit | edit source]