Inky Kraken Set

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Inky Kraken Set
Inky Kraken Set Galleon 1.png
Type Cosmetic Set
Shop Black Market
Cost 1993950 Gold.png
The Full Set with the Inky Kraken Jacket.
The Full Set with the Inky Kraken Dress.

The Inky Kraken Set is a Red and Black recolouring of the Kraken Set, available exclusively via the Black Market.

Set Components[edit | edit source]

Clothing Items[edit | edit source]

  • Total Cost: 231300 Gold.png
Name Cost Rep Type In-game description
Inky Kraken Belt 12150 Gold.png
n/a Belt "Marked with a Kraken Eye, this belt is for a master of monsters."
Inky Kraken Boots 12150 Gold.png
n/a Boots "You should look the part when you're dragged overboard by a sea creature."
Inky Kraken Dress 48600 Gold.png
n/a Dress "Recreating the embrace of the Kraken, another take on the idea of a 'figure-hugging' dress."
Inky Kraken Gloves 12150 Gold.png
n/a Gloves "Gloves that are fit for wrangling a slippery tentacle!"
Inky Kraken Hat 61200 Gold.png
n/a Hat "The hat of a pirate who isn't afraid of what lies beneath the waves."
Inky Kraken Jacket 60750 Gold.png
n/a Jacket "This Kraken jacket captures the power and mystery of everyone's favourite ship-squasher."
Inky Kraken Trousers 24300 Gold.png
n/a Bottoms "Kraken trousers! No longer just a tavern insult."

Vanity Items[edit | edit source]

  • Total Cost: 100350 Gold.png
Name Cost Rep Type In-game description
Inky Kraken Eyepatch 27450 Gold.png
n/a Eyepatch "Nothing below the waves scares you; not while you've still got one good eye."
Inky Kraken Hook 36450 Gold.png
n/a Hook "This hook looks wicked enough to catch a Kraken... but if you're that close, it's already too late."
Inky Kraken Pegleg 36450 Gold.png
n/a Pegleg "This eerie peg-leg is wrapped in the Kraken's embrace, a reminder of the perils of the deep."

Equipment Item[edit | edit source]

  • Total Cost: 336150 Gold.png
Name Cost Rep Type In-game description
Inky Kraken Banjo 31500 Gold.png
n/a Banjo "For Kraken vanquishers who also enjoy some rustic tunes, obviously."
Inky Kraken Bucket 17100 Gold.png
n/a Bucket "Bailing won't save you from the clutches of the dreaded Kraken."
Inky Kraken Compass 25200 Gold.png
n/a Compass "Find your way home, safe from Kraken attacks. If you're lucky."
Inky Kraken Concertina 25650 Gold.png
n/a Concertina "Somewhat creepy-looking, this concertina seems to sing to creatures of the deep."
Inky Kraken Drum 31500 Gold.png
n/a Drum "This sea-monster inspired drum would surely appeal to a certain 'Merry' Merrick..."
Inky Kraken Fishing Rod 57600 Gold.png
n/a Fishing Rod "Not tempting fate at all, nope, not one bit, you choose a fishing rod that looks like a Kraken."
Inky Kraken Hurdy-Gurdy 25650 Gold.png
n/a Hurdy-Gurdy "Play a tune on your Kraken hurdy, while being reminded not to get complacent on the Sea of Thieves..."
Inky Kraken Lantern 17100 Gold.png
n/a Lantern "A lantern made from a real Kraken's eye, or so you tell the new pirates..."
Inky Kraken Pocket Watch 25200 Gold.png
n/a Pocket Watch "Every second counts when the Kraken seizes your ship!"
Inky Kraken Shovel 16650 Gold.png
n/a Shovel "What better for digging up treasure over on Kraken's Fall?"
Inky Kraken Speaking Trumpet 20700 Gold.png
n/a Speaking Trumpet "Be heard even over the chaos of a Kraken attack with this creepy trumpet."
Inky Kraken Spyglass 34200 Gold.png
n/a Spyglass "Watch the waves for tell-tale signs of a looming Kraken!"
Inky Kraken Tankard 8100 Gold.png
n/a Tankard "Drink a grog to celebrate defeating the dreaded Kraken, making sure to spread your legend."

Weapons[edit | edit source]

  • Total Cost: 318150 Gold.png
Name Cost Rep Type In-game description
Inky Kraken Blunderbuss 85050 Gold.png
n/a Blunderbuss "This blunderbuss promises to spit lead as effectively as a Kraken spits out chewed pirates."
Inky Kraken Cutlass 63000 Gold.png
n/a Cutlass "Adorned with a Kraken eye, this blade seems to stare into your foe's soul as it takes it."
Inky Kraken Eye of Reach 85050 Gold.png
n/a Eye of Reach "With a reach as long as a Kraken's tentacle, this gun is a menace to pirates and sea monsters alike."
Inky Kraken Flintlock Pistol 85050 Gold.png
n/a Pistol "A wicked Kraken flintlock, sure to invoke the same sense of impending death as the beast itself."

Ship Components[edit | edit source]

  • Total Cost: 1008000 Gold.png
Name Cost Rep Type In-game description
Inky Kraken Cannons 110250 Gold.png
n/a Cannons "Give sea monsters you encounter a blast from these Kraken cannons, just to rub salt in the wound!"
Inky Kraken Capstan 110250 Gold.png
n/a Capstan "A capstan as pointy and dangerous as the Kraken itself!"
Inky Kraken Figurehead 220500 Gold.png
n/a Figurehead "This figurehead celebrates the leviathans of the deep, alien and deadly."
Inky Kraken Flag 15750 Gold.png
n/a Flag "All hail your Kraken-conquering crew."
Inky Kraken Hull 220500 Gold.png
n/a Hull "Your ship's bound to get Kraken all over it sooner or later, anyway."
Inky Kraken Sails 220500 Gold.png
n/a Sails "A Kraken on your sails, because your ship is the real sea monster..."
Inky Kraken Wheel 110250 Gold.png
n/a Wheel "This wheel always seems to steer you towards clashes with epic sea beasties..."

Gallery[edit | edit source]