Herbert the Hoarder

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Herbert the Hoarder
AncientSpireOutpost GoldHoarder HerbertTheHoarder.png
Type NPC
Location Ancient Spire Outpost
Company Gold Hoarders

Herbert the Hoarder is the Gold Hoarders liaison at Ancient Spire Outpost. Herbert speaks in very fragmented sentences, conveying his meaning is as few words as possible.

Dialogue[edit | edit source]

Dialogue icon.png

Hello. Hebert. Gold here. Get chests.

So then Herbert, what's the deal with the Gold Hoarders?

Follow maps.
Find chests.
Chests have gold.

Maps lead to chests of gold? Got it. Anything else?

Chests locked.
We have key.
Bring chests to us.
Key open chests.
We share gold.

What is an Emissary? (Post-2.0.14)

Represent Hoarders. Fly flag. Make us proud.
More rewards. Lots more!
If you live.

A man of few words, huh? (Pre-2.0.14)