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Type NPC
Location The Spoils of Plenty Store
Company The Hunter's Call
Voice Actor Ewan Bailey
A true chef will cook any food they find. Sample everything — the earthy saltiness of a Black Coated Pig, the sharp sourness of a red Striped Snake and the sublime contrast of the Bittersweet Battlegill. You must develop and hone your taste if you have any chance of becoming a master chef like me.
— Hendrick, Overheard at Merrick's campfire

Hendrick is The Hunter's Call representative stationed at The Spoils of Plenty Store. He is the brother of Merrick, co-founder of The Hunter's Call. Hendrick is an accomplished chef with ambition to bring gourmet cuisine to the Sea of Thieves.

Dialogue[edit | edit source]

Dialogue icon.png

You are in the presence of Chef Hendrick, fine-dining pioneer to discerning crews and author of several of the best-selling scrolls on how to cook.

Good to see you, Chief. Is cooking important at the Hunter's Call?

It's CHEF, not chief!
Cooking has been my passion since I was old enough to stir a pot.
I'll only accept the freshest local fruit and meat. Fish need to be sea to plate within the hour, not a minute more!
My brother Merrick and the rest of our tasteless family might accept food you've had rotting away at the bottom of a barrel for several voyages, but I wont.
Quickly now. Supply my kitchen and I may reward you.

What's going to be popular on pirate platters in the future, Chuff?

I told you, it's CHEF!
I'm going to serve up excitement to everyone's plates with Chef Hendrick's seasonal menu.
There's twice-boiled Black Scaled Snake tail infused with coconut, served on rum-smashed potatoes with a side of wilted palm leaves.
Or you could try grog-soaked Bristled Pig legs, which comes with crispy Parrot feathers and a Skeleton bone marrow broth.
I've also got a heavily salted Muddy Wildsplash consommé, accompanied by freshly baked bat-encrusted bread.

Hunter's Call, eh? Would you be interested in a little Megalodon hunting for old time sake?

How DARE you!
This is just the start of my culinary empire!
There will be a Chef Hendricks dining hall at every outpost.
A sail-through galley at each seapost.
Even a travelling kitchen that calls in at the Glorious Sea Dog tavern and the Legend's hideout.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • BUG: Hendrick's third dialogue option is copied from Merrick's dialogue, resulting in a non-sequitur response.