Harry the Hoarder

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Harry the Hoarder
PlunderOutpost GoldHoarders HarryTheHoarder.png
Location Plunder Outpost

Summary[edit | edit source]

Harry the Hoarder is the Gold Hoarders company liaison on Plunder Outpost.

Description[edit | edit source]

Harry stylizes himself as more of a philanthropist than his colleagues, though it is unknown if this is true or simply a sales tactic.

Dialogue[edit | edit source]

  • Hello! I'm Harry the Hoarder. Unlike my thrifty colleagues, I just love sharing out as much gold as possible.
    • I'd certainly like a massive share of gold, Harry. How do I get it?
      • It couldn't be simpler!
      • Just take our easy to follow maps that lead to chests of gold.
      • Return the chests and before you know it, we'll both have loads of gold to give away.
      • I trust you are the generous type? I'd hate to think you're going to keep your share for yourself!
    • Tell you what, I'll open the chests when I find them and bring you a share.
      • I admire your enterprise, I really do!
      • You certainly look like a pirate that I could trust to share out the gold fairly.
      • Sadly the only way to unlock the chests is with the keys we have around our necks.
      • You'll just have to bring the chests back to us, I'm afraid.
    • I like your generous spirit. Can you just give me your key?
      • If I did that, I wouldn't be able to open anywhere near the chests I need to!
      • There's so many worthy causes I must donate to.
      • Travis over at the Trinket Store needs a small loan to set up his cutlass customizing business.
      • Then there's that great idea Molly from Dagger Tooth is collecting for.
      • She wants to adopt every single pig and chicken across all the seas.
      • So I must keep my key. I'm sure you understand.

Notes[edit | edit source]