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Location Ship; Rowboat

The Harpoon is a Ship component in Sea of Thieves. There are two Harpoons mounted in front of every Ship type, as well as a single Harpoon mounted on some Rowboats.

Usage[edit | edit source]

Harpoons can be mounted and fired to hook onto any physical object in the world. With large things like Islands, Ships, the Rowboat or giant creatures like the Megalodon, the harpoon can tether as a winch and pivot line connecting the vessel to the target and allowing the Ship to be maneuvered around them. With smaller things like Barrels, Player Pirates and Treasure Items, the Harpoon latches onto them and pulls them on the Ship. If aimed well, objects can be hooked out of a pirate's hand with a Harpoon. Otherwise Player Pirates themselves can be Harpooned along with any items they are holding.

The Harpoon does not dismantle when taking any damage, but can be damaged by any means (including friendly fire) to release the tether. The tether can be broken if the target leaves the effective range, or the line tangles and snaps.

Most Creatures who are harpooned will take a very small amount of damage from the Harpoon.

With the 2.0.6 Update, Harpoons can be also found on some Rowboats, allowing for even greater maneuvering and Item retrieval.

Tips and Tricks[edit | edit source]

Here are a few tips and tricks for the Harpoon:

  • If the Ship is close to any Island or Sea Post in the sea where there is shallow water, the Harpoon can be shot in the ground underwater and pulled left and right for quicker turning. When used together with turning the Wheel, this can be as effective, but less time-consuming than an anchor turn.
  • When a Harpoon Rowboat is docked behind a Ship, its Harpoon can be used to pull the ship in reverse, if there is anything to pull the ship towards.
  • You can use Harpooned Floating Barrels as a way to easily store and transport Resources from a Dock. Some players like to place all Floating Barrel Resources into one Barrel and harpoon the one filled Barrel on the ship for easier supply management.

Functions[edit | edit source]

The harpoon cannot be aimed once fired. If the fired Harpoon does not hook a target, it will retract back to be fired again. The Harpoon does not hook while ship is run aground or if it hits forbidden things like Bait or already sunk Skeleton Ships.

  • Primary Use fires and releases the Harpoon.
  • Holding Secondary Use slowly retracts the winch.
  • Holding Harpoon Reeling Lock will lock the harpoon's tether from stretching.

Harpoonable Objects[edit | edit source]

The general rule is that any Object with a physical collision frame in the game can be harpooned, unless stated otherwise. Here is a list of all the different Objects/Entities that can be Harpooned:

  • Any Structure, be it an Island, a rock or ground beneath shallow water can be Harpooned. The ship is pulled towards these structures when Harpooned.
  • Any Ships, including Skeleton Ships, can be caught with a Harpoon. The Harpoon will pull both of the ships closer to each other. If the Harpooned Ship is moving, the connected Harpoon will match that ship's speed.
  • Rowboats can be pulled closer with a Harpoon.
  • Sharks and Megalodons can be caught with a Harpoon. Both of them will start pulling the Ship towards them.
  • Krakens cannot be Harpooned, the Harpoon will only do a small amount of damage to it. However, Players can be Harpooned out of a Kraken's clutches.
  • All Players can be caught with a Harpoon and immediately pulled on the poop deck of the Ship. The Items in Player's hands will remain in their hand when harpooned.
  • All Transportable Items can be caught with a Harpoon. These Items need to be picked up from the Harpoon after they are caught.
  • Gunpowder Barrels can be caught with a Harpoon without making them explode. When shooting a Gunpowder Skeleton with a Harpoon, the keg will be disarmed from the skeleton.
  • Meat can be caught with the Harpoon.
  • Floating Barrels can be caught with the Harpoon, however they cannot be picked up from the Harpoon like Items, only let go.
  • It is possible to Harpoon Player Mermaids. A harpooned Mermaid will be pulled towards the Harpoon until the line breaks.
  • It is possible to Harpoon Lightning Bolts, although the Harpoon will let go of the bolt as soon as it disappears.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • (historical) It was possible to Harpoon dead bodies in Arena matches.
  • (historical) Gunpowder Barrels used to play the cooking animation while hooked.
  • (historical) It was possible to Harpoon the Bait on a Player's Fishing Rod allowing the Ship to reach incredible speeds.

Patch History[edit | edit source]

  • Projectile hitbox increased.
  • A Rowboat with a Harpoon?! – Players may come across a rare new type of Rowboat abandoned throughout the world. These come with a harpoon attached, allowing rowers and their passengers to have even more fun on the sea!
  • Harpoon That Meat! – Floating meat left behind by defeated sea creatures can now be harpooned back to your ship.
  • Harpoon That Keg! – Harpoons can now latch onto gunpowder kegs to enable you to pull them back to your ship.
  • Players are no longer able to harpoon the fishing float, but we enjoyed the videos while they lasted!
  • It is no longer possible to harpoon players who have already been killed in The Arena.
  • Shops will close automatically if a player takes damage or is harpooned while browsing.
  • Harpoon tethers now stay attached to Rowboats when they are attached to and detached from a ship.
  • Harpooning a Gunpowder Skeleton – Latching on to a gunpowder keg from a gunpowder skeleton will now detonate the keg on impact.
  • Retrieving a Rowboat – Rowboats can now be harpooned and dragged off islands into the water.
  • Get Over Here! – Players docked to interaction points such as Rowboat seats, cannons or the ship’s wheel can now be grabbed by harpoons.
  • Get Down! – Players can now be rescued from the clutches of the Kraken using a harpoon.
  • UNDOCUMENTED: Harpooning a player now forces their perspective in the firing direction and locks their camera rotation.
  • Harpoon tethering of an object now behaves correctly through server migration.
2.0 Added
  • Two Harpoons mounted at the gunwale cutaways on every ship.