Guardian Con 2019: The Battle for Orlando

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Guardian Con 2019: The Battle for Orlando
Battle for Orlando.jpg
Type Tournament
Location Sea of Thieves

Hot on the heels of E3's Battle for LA, Sea of Thieves brings the Arena's unique sense of competitive carnage to America's east coast with the Battle for Orlando.

Summary[edit | edit source]

Open to anyone attending Guardian Con in 2019, the Battle for Orlando was a two day in house tournament hosted during the Guardian Con 2019 event. 16 preliminary matches were played on day 1, with the winning crew from each match progressing to the quarter-finals on Day 2. The 16 winning crews from Day 1's preliminary round returned the next day to compete for four places in the live-streamed Grand Final against a fifth team with members chosen to represent RARE. The Grand Final was held over two matches, with the winners receiving a golden xbox one x.

Day 1 & 2: Preliminary tournament[edit | edit source]

80 teams across 16 matches competed for 1 of 16 spots in the quarter finals on day 2. These matches were regular Arena matches, with regular Arena rules. The 16 winning crews from Day 1's preliminary tournament returned to compete for four places in the live-streamed Grand Final. 4 matches were held in total during the quarter finals.

Final Teams[edit | edit source]

The 4 winning teams, including RARES representatives:

Team RARE Team Mudcat Team Donughts Team Timmeh's Unicorns Team Burgers and Fries
Captain Ash Bacon MUDCAT Example Example burgerwarrior24
Chayification Example Example Example Chromagon
Vaecon Example Example Example EdgeOfElysium
EdEmonster Example Example Example Gunny629

Rules[edit | edit source]

The Battle for Orlando Grand Final ran on basic Arena rules.

  • 24 minute match.
  • 5 Galleons, 4 players to each Galleon.
  • 100 Silver for discovering a chest, 1000 for delivering a chest.
  • 5 silver for a player kill, 25 silver for a cannon hit on an enemy ship.
  • -1000 silver for your ship sinking.

Points[edit | edit source]

Points were given to teams based on their final position on the ladder of each round:

  • 1st Place = 5 Points
  • 2nd Place = 4 Points
  • 3rd Place = 3 Points
  • 4th Place = 2 Points
  • 5th Place = 1 Point

The team with the most total points at the end of the fifth round, wins.

Charity Goals[edit | edit source]

During the finals, there were certain charity goals, where by Sea of Thieves would donate to Guardian Con based on their completion, these were:

  • Kill Captain Ash Bacon - $3000
  • Ring Another Crews Bell - $3000
  • Earn 5000 Silver - $3000
  • Cash in another crews chest - $2000
  • Catch a Fish - $2000
  • Take down a mast - $2000

All goals except for "Cash in another crews chest" were met, however, RARE donated the money anyway and ticked the achievement off the list, totalling $15,000 donated.

Grand Final Rounds[edit | edit source]

Place Team Total Points Match Silver Chests Dug Chests Delivered Times Sunk
1 Team Burgers and Fries 5 8495 (Gathering) (Gathering) (Gathering)
2 Team Mudcat 4 6500 (Gathering) (Gathering) (Gathering)
3 Team Timmeh's Unicorns 3 5140 (Gathering) (Gathering) (Gathering)
4 Team RARE 2 2270 (Gathering) (Gathering) (Gathering)
5 Team Donughts 1 1600 (Gathering) (Gathering) (Gathering)

Place Team Total Points Match Silver Chests Dug Chests Delivered Times Sunk
1 Team RARE 7 7485 (Gathering) (Gathering) (Gathering)
2 Team Burgers and Fries 9 6675 (Gathering) (Gathering) (Gathering)
3 Team Mudcat 7 5185 (Gathering) (Gathering) (Gathering)
4 Team Donughts 3 1710 (Gathering) (Gathering) (Gathering)
5 Team Timmeh's Unicorns 4 1165 (Gathering) (Gathering) (Gathering)

Final Place Team Total Points Placements Total Silver Total Chests Dug Total Chests Delivered Total Times Sunk
1 Team Burgers and Fries 9 1,2 15,170 (Gathering) (Gathering) (Gathering)
2 Team RARE 7 4,1 9755 (Gathering) (Gathering) (Gathering)
3 Team Mudcat 7 2,3 11,685 (Gathering) (Gathering) (Gathering)
4 Team Timmeh's Unicorns 4 3,5 6305 (Gathering) (Gathering) (Gathering)
5 Team Donughts 3 5,4 3310 (Gathering) (Gathering) (Gathering)

Results[edit | edit source]

Each member of Team Burgers and Fries were given a Gold Plated Xbox One X for their prizes. The donations for St Jude ticked over 4 million over the course of the stream.

Winners Chromagon & EdgeOfElysium have platformed off the Battle of Orlando event to create Sea of Champions, a similar tournament based in Sea of Thieves: The Arena and sponsored by RARE. Another competitor, Mudcat, will be shout-casting the event.

Gallery[edit | edit source]

Video[edit | edit source]