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Bilge Rat Tankard.png
Location Worldwide

Grog is a beverage than can fill a player's Tankard, which the player can then drink from.

Drinking a full Tankard of Grog causes the player's visuals to become distorted, and their movement may become difficult to control. Drinking multiple full Tankards of Grog causes a player to stumble around wildly, hear drunken bar chatter and distorted music, and vomit.

Grog can be acquired from Taverns located at Outposts, or from a Ship's Grog Barrel.

The ship's Grog Barrel will have to be refilled occasionally. It can be refilled by speaking to the tavern keeper at Taverns.

Notes[edit | edit source]

  • If you drink enough grog, you will eventually get sick. Once you are sick, you will throw up in front of you, causing temporary partial sightedness upon anyone hit. The first time you are sick you earn an achievement.
  • Hold the Bucket once you are sick to fill the bucket with puke. You can later throw the puke at other players, causing the same effects as it normally would.