The Gold Hoarder

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Disambig.png This article is about the Skeleton Lord. For the Trading Company, see Gold Hoarders.
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The Gold Hoarder
The Gold Hoarder.png
Type Skeleton Lord
Creature Type Hostile
Related Shores of Gold (Quest)

The Gold Hoarder, also known by his human name Rathbone, is a Skeleton Lord with insatiable greed that created The Gold Hoarders Trading Company. He is featured in Tall Tales: Shores of Gold as the final boss.

Summary[edit | edit source]

Part of Ramsey Singh's crew aboard the Magpie’s Wing, Rathbone was one of the first known pirates to discover The Sea of Thieves. While Ramsey's idea of making pirating within The Sea of Thieves a "fair business", Rathbone rejected this idea and started stealing treasures with the intent to sell them to the outside world. He also stole the skeleton keys from Ramsey, which the captain had crafted as the only means of accessing the treasure chests. He then started the Gold Hoarders as a company that collected treasure from across the Sea of Thieves.

Rathbone heard about a land beyond the Devil's Shroud filled with gold. One way or another, Rathbone found the island, and wanted to take the gold for himself. What he did not know however, was that his crew had sabotaged his ship, making sure he would never be able to leave with the treasure. He found a throne in the inner sanctum of the island, which transformed his flesh and bones into gold, eventually turning him into a Skeleton Lord. He returned to the Sea of Thieves and regained control of his company, spreading the curse among his followers.

During the events of Shores of Gold, he returned to Tribute Peak and fortified it with puzzles and traps, as well as residing in the inner sanctum to personally protect his gold hoard.