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A Gamertag is an Xbox Username, shared between Xbox video game consoles and the Windows 10 Xbox Console companion.

Mechanics[edit | edit source]

Since the video game Sea of Thieves is only available for Xbox compatible devices, every Player Pirate's in-game display name matches their Xbox Gamertag. Player Gamertags are always displayed above Pirates if they are in close proximity. Any pirates in your own Crew will have a Green Gamertag above them that can be seen from as far as 3 Map Table Squares away (unless a Hide & Sneak Emote Bundle Emote is used). Enemy Crew Pirates have a White Gamertag displayed above them, which is only visible when close to the enemy Pirates. Any Pirates belonging to Crews that are in your Alliance will have a Purple Gamertag.

Titles can be displayed below Gamertags, which are equipped in the Vanity Chest once unlocked.

Gamertags can be hidden by disabling the HUD (only available through a custom keybind in the option menu) and replaced by pre-determined names through the Gameplay Options menu.

Gamertag Reputation[edit | edit source]

Players can check the Reputation of their account at The Xbox Reputation Page. Here players can see how many times they have been reported and for what reason, which makes up their reputation.

Crew Status Tags[edit | edit source]

Crew Status Tags.png

Crew Status Tags (found under Settings > Gameplay) is an option that displays the current action of a Player Pirate next to their Gamertag. These appear as small circular icons beside the names of your Crew Members.

The following Actions are displayed with the Crew Status Tags:

As well as the addition of an icon, the Crew Status Tags option also allows a Player Pirates Gamertag to be displayed from further away and through any obstacles.

Replaced Gamertags[edit | edit source]

Replace Gamertags (found under Settings > Gameplay) is an option to replace all Gametags with pre-made names. This is often referred to as "Streamer mode" as it helps streamers preserve the anonymity of themselves, the players in their crew, and players they encounter to prevent harassment and stream sniping.

Most of these names are references to characters or things from Sea of Thieves lore.

Names from the Sea of Thieves Comic Book Series:

  • Alessia in Disguise
  • Mele Silvertongue
  • Osgar Seamark
  • Sharpshooting Rin
  • Naveed The Healer
  • Philip Martin

Names from Athena's Fortune (novel):

  • Captain Adelheid
  • Banana Stall Larinna
  • Seaworthy Faizel
  • Little Ned
  • Ramsey's Ghost
  • Rathbone's Secret
  • Journalling Mercia
  • Cheerful Shan
  • Landlubber Rowenna

Names from Tales from the Sea of Thieves:

  • Nine Cat Nura
  • Half-a-Stew Jean
  • Trading Isidro

Names referring to generic things in lore or game:

  • Cho-han Master
  • Karnath Fortune
  • Liar's Dice
  • Moonlit Shanty
  • Clouded Skull
  • Buried Treasure
  • Ruby Splashtail
  • Captain Chicken

Names of unknown reference:

  • Cannonball Chris
  • Anna de Aquatic
  • Sprinty John
  • Betting Betty