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Galleon side.png
Crew 3-4
Cannons 8
Length 6 Rigs
Direction 6 Rigs
Food 1 Barrel (15 Stock)
Cannonballs 3 Barrels (15 Stock)
Planks 1 Barrel (15 Stock)

The Galleon is the largest Ship type in Sea of Thieves. Choosing the Galleon at the start of the game will allow yourself and three other players to join the crew.

Galleons are large, more difficult to sink, are armed with more Cannons and Cannonball storage, but are more difficult to maneuver than any other ship, and require several crew members to be constantly working together.

The Galleon has one aft deck above the Captain's Quarters (where the helm is), the main deck, and two below decks. The Voyage Table is in the Captain's Quarters at the rear of the main deck. The Map Table is located on the mid deck. The brig is located on the lower deck. The lower deck is below the waterline, so holes there will take in water. The mid deck is typically above the waterline and holes there won't take in water unless the lower deck is flooded or the ship is hit with a ballast ball.

The Galleon can be identified at a distance from the side by its three masts or from the fore/aft by its three mainsails.

Features[edit | edit source]

Galleon side view
Galleon front view