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A Fortress is a type of Island that hosts Fortress Raids. A fortress is defined as any location that is marked and named, that does not spawn Animals and cannot be subject to Quests, and is not a Outpost.

Fortress Raids[edit | edit source]

An ominous skull cloud appears over an active fortress waiting to be raided.

While normally dormant, a Fortress will occasionally appear with a large skull cloud hovering above it, visible from a distance. This will happen approximately three hours after the last raid on the same server has been completed, however sometimes this will occur much earlier than that.

When this cloud is present, the fortress is active, meaning that a Skeleton horde has gathered there, and pirates can choose to engage in a raid of that Fortress.

Upon arriving at an active Fortress, pirates can fight their way through waves of Skeletons to the central Fortress structure. Horns signal the arrival of new waves of Skeletons, which occurs briefly after all Skeletons in the previous wave are defeated. There are roughly 10-15 waves per raid.

At the final wave, the Fort's Skeleton Captain will spawn. It will drop a Vault Key upon death and also cause the other remaining Skeletons to fade away, the Vault Key can be used to unlock a Fortress Vault that contains a large amount of loot. One crew will generally need to make multiple trips to collect it all.

Raiding a Fortress can prove highly difficult, and multiple pirate crews may wish to team up in order to tackle it. The skull cloud can appear at one of the Fortresses.

Fortresses contain large amounts of Cannonballs, Planks, Bananas and Gunpowder Barrels at all times, even when no raid is active there.

The eyes of the skull cloud are not an indicator for the difficulty or other ships near the fort.

Fortress Vault[edit | edit source]

The Vault is unlocked using the Vault Key dropped by the Skeleton Captain. It contains a large amount of randomised Treasure, worth between 12,000 and 20,000 Gold in total. The Stronghold Skull, Stronghold Chest, Stronghold Gunpowder Barrel and Crate of Ancient Bone Dust are all guaranteed to spawn in the centre of the Vault. Ordinary Gunpowder Barrels spawns very often in the Vault too. There is no way to open the Vault without the Vault Key. While the Vault Key can be used to open any Vault, only the Vault of the Fortress that was recently raided will contain any Treasure.

List of Fortresses[edit | edit source]