Fort of the Damned (Location)

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Disambig.png This article is about The Location. For other articles with this name, see Fort of the Damned (Disambiguation).
Fort of the Damned (Location)
Fort of the Damned (Location).png
Type Fortress
Location The Ancient Isles
Map Coordinates L-14

Fort of the Damned (Previously Old Boot Fort) is one of the Fortress Locations in Sea of Thieves located within Region of The Ancient Isles at coordinates L-14.

The Fort[edit | edit source]

While near identical to the previous Old Boot Fort, the Fort of the Damned is unique in that the only similarity it shares with other forts is its name and an increased chance to spawn Gunpowder Barrels. The Fort of the Damned is an entirely new type of Fortress, meant to host the Fort of the Damned Raid Event. The following are its major differences to other Forts:

  • The Fort of the Damned cannot host the Skeleton Fort World Event, however the Raid event can be activated at the same time as Skeleton Forts.
  • This Fort has no Tower Fortifications in the surrounding waters of the Island.
  • This Fort has no Cannons in its fortifications, however two Ammo Chests and several Barrels are present.
  • This Fort is at all times covered by a thick Fog that cannot easily be seen through, although anyone inside the Fog can see outside of it.

Fort of the Damned Raid[edit | edit source]

The Fort of the Damned is unlike any other Skeleton Fort in that it can be manually activated by completing a Ritual and summoning waves of Shadow of Fate Skeletons and the Ghost of Graymarrow Skeleton Lord. The Ritual requires players to sail the seas in search of Flames of Fate and a Ritual Skull and place them in the Ritual Room of the Fort. After completing the Ritual and defeating the waves of Skeletons and the boss, a Fort of the Damned Key will be dropped, which will unlock the Fortress Vault with riches worth around 50,000 Gold and 50 Doubloons.

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