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Type NPC
Location Ferry of the Damned
Is it over? Is my nightmare finally at an end? Ahh, the sweet tranquility of death beckons at last...

Fontaine is a crewmember of the Morningstar.

Dialogue[edit | edit source]

Dialogue icon.png

Oh! You startled me, for I was in deep contemplation.

Are you a pirate?

I suppose that to a casual observer, it might appear that that is my profession - my calling, so to say. Perhaps even my passion.
I, however, put it to you that since material wealth is but a human thought construct, how can one truly "steal" anything?
If those I meet find themselves intellectually and spiritually enriched by my opinions, have they not, in fact, profited?
Already on your face, I can glimpse a fresh understanding. You are most welcome, my friend.

You were on the Morningstar?

In so much as it is possible for us, whose minds are formed by memories of other times and places, truly ever 'be' anywhere.

What will you do now?

I have undergone a profound metaphysical transformation, and I must carefully consider it's ramifications.
In time, I expect to form a greater appreciation of the ways in which the material and intangible combine to create a singular zeitgeist.
Also, I shall drink excessively.