Flames of Fate

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Flames of Fate
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The Flames of Fate are coloured flames obtained from the Ferry of the Damned that can be used to light Beacons on Large Islands or to decorate Lanterns on a crew's Ship. They were introduced as part of Festival of the Damned event.

Obtaining[edit | edit source]

A Flame of Fate can be taken from the Well of Fate, located between the main masts on the Ferry of the Damned. In order to get a specific colour of Flame, a Player needs to die in a specific way.

Alternatively, Players may also take a Flame of Fate from any Beacon or Ship Lantern that is already lit with a coloured Flame.

To take a Flame, a player needs to equip their Lantern and then raise it with Secondary Use close to either the Well of Fate, a lit Lantern or a Beacon and then press the button prompt to "Take Flame". Be careful with the Ship's Lanterns as the other prompt is to "Place a Flame", which will overwrite the previous colour.

WARNING: If your ship sinks, all of the Coloured Lanterns on board will reset to normal.

Colour Requirements[edit | edit source]

Flames of Fate are available in various colours, each with a specific type of death requirement.

  • Default Flame (Yellow) - This Flame is the default on all Ship and player Lanterns (even if the Lantern displays a different colour by default). Does not count as a Flame of Fate.
  • The Flame of Lost Seafarers (Blue) - Death by a Shark or Megalodon.
  • The Flame of Burning Hearts (Red) - Death by Fire; also death by falling volcanic rocks or death from flowing lava on Islands.
  • The Flame of Cursed Bones (Green) - Death by a Skeleton.
  • The Flame of Treacherous Weather (White) - Death by Lightning.
  • The Flame of the Viper (Purple) - Death by Poison. This includes dying to a Snake bite, a Venomball or the Kraken's poisonous ink.
  • The Flame of Embattled Souls (Pink) - Death by Player Pirates from other Crews.

Guides & Tips[edit | edit source]

Flames of Fate Guides[edit | edit source]

Blue Flame[edit | edit source]

The Blue Flame of Fate

The Blue Flame can be obtained from both a Megalodon and Shark bite. Sharks are attracted to Combat. Simply waiting for a Shark to come in peaceful waters may take a couple of minutes. The spawn chance can be increased with the whole crew waiting for a Shark to come.

Red Flame[edit | edit source]

The Red Flame of Fate

The Red Flame can easily be obtained by having a Player die to thrown Firebombs. it takes three Firebombs to kill a Player at full health.

Additional methods to gaining the Red Flame are dying from the falling Rocks or the flowing Lava from active Volcanoes in The Devil's Roar Region, however these are much more difficult and situational compared to just setting oneself on Fire with Firebombs.

Green Flame[edit | edit source]

The Green Flame of Fate

The Green Flame is perhaps the easiest Flame to get, as Skeletons frequently spawn on any Small or Large Islands and active Skeleton Forts. Simply find a Skeleton of any type on any Island and let it kill you. Getting killed by Skeleton Lords also counts for the Green Flame.

White Flame[edit | edit source]

The White Flame of Fate

The White Flame can be the most time-consuming Flame to get depending on your luck. To get the White Flame upon death, a player needs to sail into a Storm and get killed by a Lightning strike. Many recommend climbing up to the Crow's Nest or even stay at the Helm, but really it does not matter as Lightning can hit anywhere. A larger crew has more chances to get hit, so try to spread your team-mates around the ship to have a higher spread of area covered. A single bolt of Lightning takes around 20% of a Player's Health, however, equipping a Cutlass will attract lightning, which will deal around 70% of damage, making this an ideal method for getting the White Flame. If you want to keep your Ship from taking any Hull damage in stormy seas, sail your ship to an Island or other landmark inside the Storm. The calmer waters next to Islands don't cause damage to your Ship.

Purple Flame[edit | edit source]

The Purple Flame of Fate
The Shores Of Plenty The Ancient Isles The Wilds
Smuggler's Bay Discovery Ridge Marauder's Arch
Sandy Shallows Castaway Isle Black Sand Atoll
Picaroon Palms Snake Island The Sunken Grove
Lone Cove Crook's Hollow Isle of Last Words
Lonely Isle Cutlass Cay The Crooked Masts
Crescent Isle Booty Isle Liar's Backbone
Lagoon of Whispers Devil's Ridge Kraken's Fall
Wanderers Refuge

The Purple Flame can be acquired from dying to any source of Venom poisoning. The easiest method is to get killed by a Snake. Snakes can be found on the Islands marked in the left-hand Table.

If a Player's Crew has a Venomball Cursed Cannonball, they can also kill a fellow crewmember with Poison by shooting a Venomball at them with a Cannon. Note that one Venomball does around 25% worth of damage, so have your crewmates lower their health beforehand.

Additionally, dying to the black Ink of a Kraken also counts towards death by Poison, so if you get pinned down by a Kraken, you can slash its tentacles with a Cutlass to get poisoned.

Pink Flame[edit | edit source]

The Pink Flame of Fate

The Pink Flame can either be extremely easy or extremely difficult to obtain depending on your luck with server population and the personality of other players. To get the Pink Flame, you need to be killed by another Pirate from an enemy crew. Getting blown up by your own team-mates does count. Some Ships tend to avoid combat at all costs and it may take a while to track them down, so some patience and attention is needed for acquiring flame.

Alternatively, if you're struggling to get a Pink Flame, are playing on Windows PC and have a second player in your Crew, you can get your friend to be at low enough health that a Pistol (50% damage), Eye of Reach (70% damage) or Cannonball (100% on direct hit) shot would kill them. Once ready, move a fair distance away and fire your Firearm of choice at your friend while simultaneously closing the game with an ALT+F4. Without a Player who made the shot, the bullet will turn into an enemy projectile and kill your friend, giving them access to the Pink Lantern Flame. You have to do this at a fair distance for the projectile to have time to deregister as a hit from a crewmate.

The Festival Party Boat Commendation Guide[edit | edit source]

The Festival Party Boat Commendation requires a boat to have one Flame of Fate of each colour on it (not counting the regular Lantern Flame). It is recommended to get the hardest flames done with first. Choose whether you want to aim for the White or the Pink flame first. The White flame is difficult simply due to the time and luck it requires to chase a Storm and get killed by Lightning. The Pink flame requires good luck with server population and enemy crew personalities. If the other Crews are friendly, you can set up a Player Alliance with them to easily acquire the Pink flame or even complete the Alliance of the Damned Commendation (Have all Lanterns lit with the same coloured Flames on all Alliance Ships). If you can't seem to get in an alliance, try to Cannon crewmates over to an enemy ship to board them and get killed. This is more risky, as the enemy Ship may start to chase you down. The Green, Purple and Blue flames can be left for last, since they can be acquired with very little harm to your Ship. If you have various rare Flames of Fate placed on your Ship's Lanterns, be careful of other player Ships and dangers, because once your ship Sinks, you lose all the coloured Lanterns with it. You can mitigate this danger when a ship is close to sinking by having each crewmate grab one of the rarer Flames on their own Lantern and try not to die. Once you grab a Mermaid you can travel back to your newe ship and light the Lanterns anew. You also need to be careful when placing or taking flames from your Ship's lanterns as it is very easy to press the wrong button prompt and overwrite a valuable Flame with a different colour.

Legend of the Damned Beacons Guide[edit | edit source]

In order to unlock the Legend of the Damned Commendation and Title, a player needs to light all 12 large Beacons with any Flame of Fate. These Beacons are identical to the Well of Fate in the Ferry of the Damned and have been placed atop 12 Islands across The Sea of Thieves. Each of the four regions houses 3 Beacons, mainly on Large Islands. Note that while you can light a Beacon with the regular Lantern Flame, it will not count towards the Commendation, so make sure you have fetched a coloured Flame from the Ferry of the Damned beforehand. If a Beacon is already lit with a flame, you can extinguish it with a Bucket of water and then relight it. You have to raise your Lantern with Secondary Use before being able to light it. Once a player lights a Beacon with a Flame of Fate, the commendation will be counted for everyone on the Crew, so only one player needs to access the Beacons. The commendations are not shared in an Alliance.

The Shores of Plenty Beacons[edit | edit source]

Smuggler’s Bay - This Beacon is situated on the cliffs in the center of the Island. Easily accessible on foot.

Cannon Cove - This Beacon is on the very top of the main rocky peak in the central part of the Island. The Beacon can only be accessed by shooting yourself on the rock formation with the Ship's Cannon.

Mermaid's Hideaway - This Beacon is situated on a cliff right above the pond. Easily accessible on foot.

The Ancient Isles Beacons[edit | edit source]

Plunder Valley - This Beacon is situated on the very top of the Island's central rocky peak. Easily accessible on foot.

Crook's Hollow - This Beacon is situated on the highest point on the Southern side of the Island. Easily accessible on foot.

Devil's Ridge - This Beacon is situated at the top of the Island's peak, right above the Waterfall. Easily accessible on foot.

The Wilds Beacons[edit | edit source]

Marauder's Arch - This Beacon is situated at the middle of the central arch of the Island. The peak can be accessed from the North-Western part of the Island. Easily accessible on foot.

The Crooked Masts - Placed on the Northern Peak of the Island, this Beacon is the most difficult to reach, as it requires precision aiming with the Ship's Cannons. Try to sail your ship close, but not too close to the Northern side of the Island and aim it as high as possible, calibrating the aim based on your results. It is best to Anchor your Ship so that the waves don't affect the position of the Cannons as much. Prepare some Food too, as you are likely to take a lot of fall damage from all the shots that you miss.

Kraken's Fall - This Beacon is situated on a lower peak at the Northern part of the Island. Easily accessible on foot.

The Devil's Roar Beacons[edit | edit source]

Fetcher's Rest - This Beacon is situated on a small peak atop the Northern Island. Easily accessible on foot.

Ruby's Fall - This Beacon is situated at the central part of the Island, by the bridge that connects the Northern cliffs to the Southern Volcano. Easily accessible on foot.

The Devil's Thirst - This Beacon is situated on the main rock formation of the Island, facing West. Easily accessible on foot.

Related Commendations[edit | edit source]