Ferry of the Damned

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Ferry of the Damned
Ferry of the damned.png

The Ferry of the Damned is a ghostly ship where pirates find themselves after dying. After a brief waiting period following death, the door to what would normally be the Captain's Cabin violently swings open, and players can walk through it to respawn.

Players appear as translucent ghost versions of themselves and can interact with other players on the server who have recently died around the same time, regardless of where in the world they were, or which crews they were on. Weapons are disabled while on the Ferry of the Damned.

Players respawn with full health and ammo, along with all inventory items.

Festival of the Damned[edit | edit source]

By dying in specific ways, players can participate in the Festival of the Damned and obtain a Flame of Fate to light their lantern in different colors.

Message From Beyond[edit | edit source]

The Ferryman has a notice posted on the door that teaches players about the option to scuttle their ship within the crew menu.

"Tired of finding yourself on here due to other pirates?"

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • The Ferry of the Damned is helmed by the Ferryman, a ghost who is doomed for all eternity to ferry the souls of pirates back to the realm of the living.
  • One of the cannons is missing, stolen by Flameheart, and used by Salty & Wanda to experiment and create new weapons, resulting in the creation of Cursed Cannonballs.
Ferry of the Damned screenshot from early Alpha.