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Disambig.png This article is about Events held outside the game. For other types Events, see Events (Disambiguation).
See also: Twitch Drops, MixPot, Gold & Glory

Events are various Competitions or Initiatives hosted by Rare Ltd and tracked through the Sea of Thieves website. These events usually reward Players with various bonuses, like double Gold, Doubloon and additional Reputation, or task them with completing various in-game tasks to receive rewards like unique Voyages, Cosmetics or additional Currencies.

Events can be viewed, with tracked progress the Event Hub on the official website.

Active Events[edit | edit source]

The following is a list of currently active events

Summer of Sea of Thieves[edit | edit source]

Summer of Sea of Thieves is a special summer event with a large collection of challenges to attempt which will reward you with Titles, Doubloons, cosmetics and gold.

Players can track their progress through the official Summer Event page.

Daily Bounties[edit | edit source]

Daily Bounties are daily challenges or tasks that reward Players with a handful of extra Gold or Doubloons. These Bounties can range from interactions with Player Pirates to selling specific Treasure or completing different Encounters.

Gold Rush[edit | edit source]

Gold Rush is a one hour event active twice daily, where Crews can receive a 1.5x multiplier for the rewards of any sold Treasure.

Reapers vs Hoarders[edit | edit source]

Reapers vs Hoarders is active every Friday, during which the Gold Hoarders will pay their Emissaries extra gold for any loot, but beware - the Reaper's Bones will also be offering their Emissaries much more for any Gold Hoarders' Emissary flags, and their reward will get more generous with each passing week…

Previous Events[edit | edit source]

2020[edit | edit source]

Gold & Glory is an event during which gold and reputation are doubled.
Wreck and Roll offered double rewards for selling Shipwrecked Chests and Wreckers on Thursdays.
The Hunters of the Deep event tasked players to complete goals and collect Shark Teeth in order to earn pieces of the Shrouded Ghost Hunter Set.
Players could complete five goals that honour video games from Rare Ltd's past. Completing each challenge grants gold and Doubloons. Completing all five goals rewards the Rare Legend Figurehead.
Held during Ashen Winds, Skull Sweep was active every Wednesday, during which Crews could earn more Reputation and Gold for selling Order of Souls related Treasure.
Held during the Haunted Shores Content Update, Ashen Expeditions was active every Tuesday, during which, Crews received double Gold for any sold Devil's Roar Treasure.
This event provided boosted Reputation and Gold for any sold Megalodon and Shark Meat.
This event had players cash in 30 Treasure to specific Companies in exchange for Blighted Set Ship Cosmetics before they headed to the Pirate Emporium.
This one week event had players complete three Tall Tales for Rising Morningstar Set Cosmetics.
  • Steam Launch Celebration (June 3rd - June 17th
To celebrate the launch of Sea of Thieves' on Steam, Players could earn daily rewards via Twitch Drops for watching Partnered Streamers for at least 30 minutes or until they completed a Daily Bounty. The rewards were Mutinous Fist Set, Onyx Four Pack, and Emporium exclusive Emote Cosmetics.
Held during Lost Treasures, Fort Nights was active every Friday night, during which, Crews received a x3 multiplier for any sold Stronghold items (Stronghold Chest, Stronghold Skull, Crate of Ancient Bone Dust, Stronghold Gunpowder Barrel).
The second instance of this event had a single challenge of catching and selling 300 Ruby Splashtails for a reward of 150 AncientCoin.png.
This two week Event tasked players with completing challenges for the Reaper's Bones to earn four new Reaper's Bones Set Emotes.
This event tasked Players to complete various challenges in the Arena, rewarding them with Courage Set Cosmetics.
  • Second Anniversary (March 19th - April 9th)
To celebrate two years since Sea of Thieve's release, Players were given the opportunity to perform tasks relating to previous Content Updates from its first year, and be rewarded with time-limited cosmetics previously exclusive to those updates.
This event offered daily tasks related to The Hungering Deep with the final reward being 15000 Gold and a re-release of the Drum of the Deep.
This event offered daily tasks related to Cursed Sails with the final reward being 15000 Gold and a re-release of the Bone Crusher Sails.
This event offered daily tasks related to Forsaken Shores with the final reward being 15000 Gold and a re-release of the Forsaken Ashes Cutlass.
The Hunter's Haul tasked players to complete various challenges for The Hunter's Call to earn Doubloons and the Gold Hauler Figurehead.

2019[edit | edit source]

This event acted as an "advent calendar" for Sea of Thieves, rewarding players with daily Voyages, Cosmetics or Currencies and bonus reward multipliers for logging in.
Gold & Glory is an event during which gold and reputation are doubled.
Gold & Glory is an event during which gold and reputation are doubled.
Gold & Glory is an event during which gold and reputation are doubled.