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Type NPC
Location Ancient Spire Outpost

Earl is the Pirate Emporium shopkeeper on Ancient Spire Outpost.

Dialogue[edit | edit source]

Dialogue icon.png

Earl's the name, with the Pirate Emporium. We offer exotic items that nobody else can provide! All I need is your Ancient Coins. Let's see them!

Do you only accept Ancient Coins?

Yep! We can provide them and accept them. Don't get me wrong, I personally love inspecting the gold coins most pirates use, too.
In fact, I really like to get a Doubloons under my magnifying glass! I've collected hundreds so far.
Now, would you sort them by size, weight, edge thickness or date? I know it's a pickle.
But as fun as all that is, it's Ancient Coins That really excite me. I don't get why people want to spend them!

What's so special about Ancient Coins?

Did you know that the Pirate Lord's Legendary mark was inspired by the first Ancient Coins he found?
See, these coins were here before the first pirates discovered the Sea of Thieves. Long before! But who minted them, hmm?
We've been collecting them from ruins and vaults, all to unlock the power-
Ahem. Anyway, each one is a historical artefact, you know. So take a look at my wares!

What is the Pirate Emporium?

Oh, it's a wonderful community of merchants who specialise in importing goods. Figureheads, Sails, Weapons... Pets!
Did you know that we were all once Gold Hoarders? Maybe that's where my love of coins began.
I don't care how much they're worth, to be honest. I just want to catalogue them!