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Type NPC
Location The Finest Trading Post
“Cooked food has more value than when it is raw but burn something and it's worth a lot less. My dad Merrick never burns anything, he's just the best cook I've ever seen!”
— Derrick, Overheard at Merrick's campfire

Derrick is the son of Merrick and Serik, founders of The Hunter's Call.

Summary[edit | edit source]

Shortly after The Hungering Deep, Derrick encountered his father for the first time, taking a picture together at Shark Bait Cove. He now works with his family in operating the Hunter's Call.

Dialogue[edit | edit source]

Dialogue icon.png

A pleasure to meet you! I'm Derrick, my father Merrick has told me all about you!

What did Merrick say about me?

That you were a great help tracking that Megalodon down.
Such a tale he told!.
I wish I could have been there with you, battling that fearsome beast in the raging sea.
T just know my father and I are going to have amazing adventures together now that he's back with my mother!

How's life at the Hunter's Call, Derrick

Couldn't be better!
I love seeing all the different food you pirates bring to us, but my absolute favourite has to be a perfectly cooked Sunny Splashtail.
What a great idea it was of my father's to set this company up.
Expert shark hunter and now captain of business. Is there nothing that is beyond him?

Nice tattoo!

Thanks! I wanted one like my fathers, so he did it for me.
He used a rusty cutlass and some kraken ink we got from severed tentacle washed up on a beach.
It stung a fair bit I can tell you, but just look at the result!
My father is such a natural artist, I'll get him to do you a tattoo too!