Deadshot Charlotte

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Deadshot Charlotte
Deadshot Charlotte.png
Type NPC
Location Lone Cove

Deadshot Charlotte is a trader on the Southwest beach at Lone Cove and a possible target for Cargo Run Voyages.

Dialogue[edit | edit source]

Dialogue icon.png

Welcome. They call me Deadshot Charlotte, bounty hunter. If you're close enough to talk to me, I chose not to put a hole between your eyes.

You fancy yourself a crack shot?

There's a fly on that tall tree over there.
If you asked me to shoot it from here...
I'd ask you 'which eye?'.

What's it like, hunting bounties?

Easy. You get a name, you find out where they like to go, you shoot them, you get paid.
Half of my targets wander up to me of their own accord, just like you did...
Don't worry, I'm not taking on any new jobs right now.
There's such a thing as having too much fun.

How's island life treating you?

Pretty good, thank you.
Plenty of skeletons to practice my aim on.
Sometimes plundering pirates come by, thinking they can take what they want from me.
I usually let their ship get to the horizon before I open fire. It's only fair.