Dark Relic Voyages

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Dark Relic Voyages
Dark Relic Voyages Splash 1.png
Type Voyages
Event Dark Relics (Event)
Duration 14th August, 2019 - 11th September, 2019

Dark Relic Mercenary Voyages are time-limited Voyages available for purchase from Duke at any Tavern during the Dark Relics (Event).

Overview[edit | edit source]

These Voyages take Player Pirates on a hunt for Dark Relics, a new type of item that can be sold to the Order of Souls for Gold, Reputation, Commendations and Titles. Each Voyage consists of four chapters with two Bounty and two Treasure Maps at a single Region. The First Chapter always has a Bounty with two Regular Skeleton Captains that drop a guaranteed Villainous Bounty Skull each. The Second Chapter is a Treasure Map with 3 X's (4 for Athena's) that uncover a guaranteed Dark Relic (Two for Athena's) and 2-3 Items that can be either Devil's Roar Trinkets, a Crate of Ancient Bone Dust or a Ritual Skull. The Third Chapter is like the second, but with 4 Captains of different types, depending on the Region. The Wild's Voyage has Shadow Skeleton Captains, The Shores of Plenty one Plant Skeleton Captains, the Ancient Isles one Gold Skeleton Captains. The Athena's Voyage has a random selection of Skeletons. The Fourth and Final Chapter spawns another Treasure Map, but this time always on a Fortress with 3-4 X's and same drops as the Second Chapter.

Voyages[edit | edit source]

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