Cursed Cannonballs

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Cursed Cannonballs can be found in Barrels randomly on land, like normal Cannonballs, collected and transferred to a Ship's Cannonball Barrels. Cursed Cannonballs don't make any holes.

Cursed Cannonballs
Cursed Cannonballs.png
Location Barrels

Types[edit | edit source]

Affect Players/Skeletons

  • Grogball; A cannonball that curses the enemy with drunkness, basically the pirate equivalent of friendship.
  • Limpball; Gives the enemy an awful limp, which to be fair, is quite merciful for a cannonball.
  • Wearyball; This cursed cannonball sends your foes to sleep, so you can pirate unimpeded.
  • Jigball; A cannonball that makes people dance! A huge hit at parties AND sea battles.
  • Venomball; This cursed ammunition will inflict an insidious poison on your foes.

Affect Ships.

  • Anchorball; This cursed cannonball will raise or lower the enemy anchor, great for putting a stop to pursuits.
  • Peaceball; A cannonball that stops enemies from firing back! If you want peace, prepare for war...
  • Helmball; Curse the enemy's wheel, so they can't do any of that pesky maneuvering nonsense.
  • Ballastball; Make the enemy ship ride lower in the water. That'll learn 'em!
  • Riggingball; Slow the enemy down with a ball that becalms their ship.
  • Barrelball; Give them a surprise, take away their supplies!