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A Crew is a collection of 1-4 Player Pirates playing together in Sea of Thieves

Crew Types[edit | edit source]

Open Crews[edit | edit source]

Open crews are crews in the same region that are put together on a certain ship. In open crews you can still invite players if you have room.

Closed Crews[edit | edit source]

Closed crews are crews where everyone is invited in. People cannot join randomly unless you or one of your crewmates have the setting where friends can join off you.

Arena Crews[edit | edit source]

Arena crews act very similar to open and closed crews. The only difference is on Galleons you need at least 3 players to join a match of arena.

Ship Types[edit | edit source]

Sloop[edit | edit source]

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Brigantine[edit | edit source]

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Galleon[edit | edit source]

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