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Cooking in Sea of Thieves renders food into their highest potential; a prized commodity for The Hunter's Call.

Summary[edit | edit source]

Food can be placed on a pan to cook through four renders. Anything that's not meat will progress straight to burnt. Burnt bait cannot be used to fish.

  • Raw - The food has still retained its color and level of nourishment.
  • Under-cooked - Characterized by pink color and white smoke. Eating will induce vomiting.
  • Cooked - Characterized by golden toasted color, white fish eyes, and a large amount of gray smoke. Eating will grant additional health in reserve.
  • Burnt - Characterized by black texture and dark smoke. Eating will grant a reduced amount of healing.

Cook Times[edit | edit source]

Cooking Time
Food Under-cooked (Seconds) Cooked (Seconds) Burnt (Seconds)
Bait - - 10
Fruit - - 15
Fish 30 40 80
Trophy Fish 80 90 180
Meat 50 60 120
Kraken & Megalodon 100 120 240