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Sea of Thieves comic book

The Sea of Thieves comic book series is a series of comic books spun off from the Sea of Thieves video game in collaboration with Titan Comics.

"Each issue will chronicle the misadventures of two crews, captained by a brother and sister whose intense sibling rivalry has been stoked by the promise of a legendary treasure waiting for them somewhere on the Sea of Thieves. Along the way they'll deal with undead hordes, devious traps and their own bitter histories, but which crew will ultimately emerge victorious to claim the loot?"

  • Written by Jeremy Whitley (Princeless, Thor Vs. Hulk)
  • Art by Rhoald Marcellius (The Incredible Hulk, Warren Ellis' Supergod)

The first issue is set to release in mid-March, just ahead of the Sea of Thieves game launch.

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