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Type Weather

There are various Clouds that can form across Sea of Thieves.

Types of Clouds[edit | edit source]

Storm Clouds[edit | edit source]

A Ship inside Storm Clouds.

There is a Storm always present in The Sea of Thieves. The Storm clouds form a gigantic gray mass with visible lightning inside, moving around in a straight direction across the three main Regions. Storm Clouds are not dependent on Wind.

World Event Clouds[edit | edit source]

There are also individual Clouds forming different shapes that announce the presence of an active World Event within The Sea of Thieves

Skeleton Fort Cloud[edit | edit source]

The Skeleton Fort Cloud.

The Skeleton Fort Cloud, sometimes called Skull Fort Cloud is a giant gray Skull-shaped Cloud with thundering Green eyes. These Clouds indicate the presence of an active Skeleton Fort World Event at a Fortress Island. The closer Players get to the Island, the larger the cloud gets.

Fort of the Damned Cloud[edit | edit source]

An active Fort of the Damned (Raid) is also signified by a giant Skull cloud, with the main difference being the deep-red eyes and the larger size of the Cloud.

Skeleton Fleet Cloud[edit | edit source]

The Skeleton Fleet Cloud.

An active Skeleton Fleet World Event is indicated by a giant gray Ship-shaped Cloud with green thunder. Like with the Fort Cloud, these clouds also get larger the closer a Player is to them. Skeleton Fort and Fleet clouds are mutually exclusive and cannot be active at the same time.