Chest of the Damned

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Chest of the Damned
Chest of the Damned.jpg
Type Treasure Chest
Company Gold Hoarders
Sell to Hoarders or
The Servant of the Flame
Source Ghost Ships
Base Gold Reward 1000-1160 Gold.png
Emissary Value 3300

The Chest of the Damned is a Ghostly type of Treasure Chest in Sea of Thieves. These ghostly Chests are the phantom remains of any Treasure held by Ghost Ships that resurface from the Sea of the Damned. These Chests are valuable to the Gold Hoarders stationed at Outposts.

Where to Find[edit | edit source]

Chests of the Damned can be found from the following sources:

Rewards[edit | edit source]

Chests of the Damned can be sold to:

The following is the reward chart for sold Chests of the Damned:

Emissary Grade Gold (Min.) Gold (Max.) Emissary Value
No Emissary 1000 Gold.png 1160 Gold.png 0
I 1000 Gold.png 1160 Gold.png 3300
II 1330 Gold.png 1542 Gold.png 4389
III 1670 Gold.png 1937 Gold.png 5511
IV 2000 Gold.png 2320 Gold.png 6600
V 2500 Gold.png 2900 Gold.png 8250

Notes[edit | edit source]

Commendations[edit | edit source]

Gold Hoarders Commendations:

Reaper's Bones Commendations:

Athena's Fortune Commendations:

Pirate Chat[edit | edit source]

Here is the Pirate Chat Wheel of the Chest:

Chest of the Damned Wheel.png

Gallery[edit | edit source]