Treasure Chests

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Treasure Chests
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Type Treasure

Treasure Chests are game items that can be found as Quest objectives, or as random spawns on Islands and Shipwrecks.

Once a player finds a Treasure Chest, it must be dug up with Shovels. One or multiple players can dig up a particular Chest, with more players making the dig go faster. A player must then carry the Treasure Chest back to the ship, and then turn it in to the Gold Hoarder at any Outpost. All members of a crew receive Gold and Reputation points when one crew member turns in a Treasure Chest.

When one member of a crew finds a Chest, all other crew members are notified.

A player can only carry one Treasure Chest at a time, and cannot use items or sprint while carrying one. Treasure Chests float in water, so they can be dropped temporarily while swimming. They will remain floating for a limited time if the player who was carrying it is killed, so other players or the respawned player can pick it up again.

Gold amounts awarded in exchange for Treasure Chests has a degree of randomness, eg. the Castaway's Chest awards approximately 60 - 120 Gold.

Chest Types[edit | edit source]

Chest Gold
Castaway's Chest
Seafarer's Chest
Marauder's Chest
Captain's Chest
Chest of a Thousand Grogs
Chest of Sorrow
Skeleton Captain's Chest
Stronghold Chest
Chest of Legends
Box of Wondrous Secrets

Notes[edit | edit source]

  • Shipwrecked variation (with barnacles) are worth the same as the normal chests.
  • Ashen variation of the 4 basic chests (Castaway's to Captain's) and the Chest of Legends are found in the Devil's Roar region and is worth a little more than twice the base value.

Tips[edit | edit source]

  • Clever locations to hide Treasure Chests throughout the ship: The Crow's Nest, on the Galleon captain's balcony, against the stairs or walls tucked by barrels on the lower deck, under or in front of the Helm, and on sail cross-beams (access by hopping down to them from the Crow's Nest). Turning off the lanterns below deck can help conceal hidden valuables.