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Type NPC
Location Three Paces East Seapost

Catherine is the Shopkeeper at Three Paces East Seapost.

Dialogue[edit | edit source]

Dialogue icon.png

Catherrrrine Largesse DuLait the Thirrrrd. Charrrrmed. Welllcome to the Three Paces East Seapost. Humble it may appearrr, but this is a rrrefined establishment.

You're very... eloquent, Catherrrrine.

One was educated at the prrrestigious Bellpoppins Academy.
In my sparrrre time I assist with the teaching of rrrreading and wrrriting to underrrprivileged pirrrates.
Ever wonderrrred why so many of us can wrrrite jourrrnals so well?
I neverrr wanted to be stuck in the Sea of Thieves, but I can do some gooood while I'm heeeere.
That's the Bellpoppins way.

Why 'Three Paces East'?

I founded this shop using a huge treasurrrrre trove I dug up out on Kraken's Fall.
It was thrrrree paces eaaaast of a certain high trreeee.
A fond memory, indeeed.

You don't seem like the sort to enjoy The Wilds.

Neverrr judge a book by it's coverrrr, pirate.
It's trrrue that I was raised in the creme-de-la-creme of societyyyy.
But a Bellpoppins girl is taught to treat all folks equallllly.
And the WIlds have a certain... charm. The freeeedom. The rrrough and tumble. Getting to clout rrrude people around the head.
What jolly good sporrrrt!