Captain Slate

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Captain Slate
Captain Slate.png
Type NPC
Location Ferry of the Damned
Freedom! It's been so long... I am in your debt, but for now, I must leave this wretched place.

Eli Slate is the captain of the Morningstar.

Dialogue[edit | edit source]

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I never imagined anyone would risk their lives to save us. My crew and I are in your debt.

What's your story, captain?

Oh, I'm an old salt. Come here back when the Sea of Thieves was still largely unexplored.
I've sailed with a few different crews over the years, but always as captain of the Morningstar.
We had a few scrapes in our time, of course. She was nearly scuttled that time a Kraken attacked Golden Sands.
It broke my heart to scuttle her, but I believe we had no other choice.

You were a crew of three?

Only at the end. Young Jill jumped overboard shortly before our pursuer caught up to us.
I was furious with her, of course, but soon came to realise that her fear probably saved her life.
I'm sure that she had to go to ground to keep herself safe... I hope she's safe out there, somewhere.

Will you return home?

Hmmm. The world's moved on while we've been marooned. I'm not sure it has a place for me anymore.
I still have a few favours to call in... Perhaps ol' Ramsey can find me a stool at his table.
After all this time, I'd say I'm probably overdue for a grog or two! After that... we'll see what happens next.