Captain Grimm

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Captain Grimm
Captain Grimm.png
Type Skeleton Lord
Behaviour Hostile
Related Ashen Lords

Captain Grimm is a Skeleton Lord boss in Sea of Thieves. He is one of the four Ashen Lords to serve under Captain Flameheart. He can be encountered and battled during the Ashen Winds World Event. When defeated, Captain Grimm drops an Ashen Winds Skull and around 15 Devil’s Roar Treasure items.

Background[edit | edit source]

Very little is known of Flameheart and his Ashen Lords. According to Duke, Captain Grimm was responsible for constructing the Fortresses and Flameheart's Lairs to defend and hold all the Treasure that they stole. Judging by his dialogue during the fight, Grimm himself has a rather playful personality.

Locations[edit | edit source]

Captain Grimm only makes an appearance during the Ashen Winds World Event, where he can be one of the four encountered Lords. The Ashen Winds World Event is signified by a red fiery Tornado in the skies and can appear at the following locations:

Attacks[edit | edit source]

Captain Grimm has the same moveset as all Ashen Lords with the major difference being the taunts signalling the attacks.

  • Melee Attack - The most basic out of all the attacks, the Ashen Lords will strike any players who get too close to them by causing damage and knocking them back.
  • Fire Breath - The Lord tries to distance nearby players by spewing flames out of their mouth akin to a flamethrower. Any players inside the breath attack take heavy damage. This attack also sets the Lord on fire, dealing fire damage all around them.
  • Lunge Attack - The Lord attempts to close the distance between them and the player by jumping towards them, dealing damage and knocking them back when hit.
  • Boulder Throw - There are two versions of this attack: a small quickly thrown rock or a larger boulder that can reach remarkable distances. The smaller rock throws do not have voice-lines. The larger boulders deal considerable damage and set hit players on fire. It seems that both of these attacks can be cancelled with damage.
  • Summon Skeletons - The Lord summons a handful of Ashen Skeletons to fight for them. The Lord seems to be able to spawn two groups of skeletons. These skeletons are relatively weak and can easily be taken out with a cutlass lunge. The summoned skeletons can spawn with no weapons, a cutlass, blunderbuss or flintlock.
  • Ash Cloud - The Lord will cast a thick and wide cloud of Ash that drastically lowers visibility around the Lord and outside. Everything inside the Ash Cloud will have an auditory echo to it.
  • Shockwave - The Lords gain access to this attack during the second phase. They will gather strength and pound the ground with a fiery blast, setting any nearby players on fire, dealing heavy damage and sending them flying in the air. The closer players are to the Lord, the more damage this attack will deal. Since players are thrown high in the air, they will also receive fall damage unless they have their back to a wall or are in water. Unlike the Skeleton Lord shockwave attack, this attack also damages the masts, capstan and wheel of any nearby ships.
  • Volcanic Eruption - The Lords gain access to this attack during the final phase. They will kneel and summon a volcanic eruption out of the sky, while also using the Fire Breath attack the whole time. Making any close attacks risky. During this attack, like under a Volcanic eruption, all the surrounding water will become superheated, geysers will appear on the Island itself and volcanic Rocks will fly from the skies, often instantly killing any hit players. This attack is also devastating to any nearby ships.

Dialogue[edit | edit source]

Captain Grimm

Start of the Battle

• Come for a scrap, eh? Well you're not getting past me!
• Well well, what have we here?
• I love intruders! Let's have some fun.

General taunts

• You can do better than that.
• Where's my backup?
• You're stronger than you look.
• That's more like it!
• It's going to be fun killing you.
• This is impossible!
• No-one ever beats me!
• How are you still alive?!
• This can't be happening!
• Why can't I kill you?!
• Nothing beats a good rumble.

During melee attacks

• Get out of it!
• Away!
• Back off!

Using Fire Breath

• Try this for size!
• Come a little closer...
• This'll keep you busy!
• I'm untouchable!
• Time to turn up the heat!

Using Boulder Throw

• Stop this, if you can!
• Ready... fire!
• Watch this!
• No you don't!
• Incoming!
• I've got a clear shot!
• Bombs away!

Using Shockwave

• Time to clear the field!
• You'd better watch out!
• Love a good explosion!
• Get out of it!

Using Ash Cloud

• You won't see me coming!
• Time to withdraw!
• Something in your eye? Heh heh heh.
• My defence is impenetrable.
• Lights out!

Summoning skeletons

• Time for some defences!
• Present arms!
• Let's see you get past all of us!
• Everyone, to me!
• Get up here right now!
• Reinforcements on the way!

Using Volcanic Eruption

• Look out below!
• This one's my favourite!
• Thaar she blows!
• You'll like this one!
• Let's work up a storm!

Phase switch

• Almost... Ready...
• Stay away from me!
• This isn't good...
• This can't happen to me!
• I can't keep doing this!
• Keep back!
• That was a cheap shot!
• You should've pressed the advantage!
• That's more like it!
• Someone protect me!
• Not quick enough!

Upon defeat

I... wasn't strong enough...
• I don't believe this! You've... you've won...

Patch History[edit | edit source]

  • First introduced.