Captain Flameheart

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Captain Flameheart
Captain Flameheart.png
Type Skeleton Lord

Captain Flameheart (aka Captain Flameheart Jr.) is a Skeleton Lord. He took the alias "Flameheart" in memory of his adopted father, Captain Flameheart Sr. of the Burning Blade.

Story[edit | edit source]

In his living life, Flameheart Jr. was rescued and adopted by a pirate known as Flameheart Sr. soon after he was born. Senior nurtured his son with a charmed life and fine education up until his own death, but Junior had another calling. Flameheart drew childhood inspiration from the Pirate Lord to make his own legend on the seas. Before becoming a pirate, he grew up into a scholar who's writings are compiled in Tales from the Sea of Thieves. Flameheart made a trade with Isidro: Flameheart's ancient coin for a ship & crew. After obtaining the Silver Blade, he initially wanted to rename it Liberdade, but was discouraged by possible misfortune upon doing so.

Upon arrival into The Sea of Thieves, Flameheart meets an old woman who gives him a treasure map. Unbeknownst to him, the map led the way to a Kraken's Chest; a haunted vessel contained by the Mermaids that attracts krakens. Soon after unearthing the chest, the Silver Blade is ambushed by competing pirates, forcing Flameheart into retreat, sailing his ship into the Devil's Shroud, where it is destroyed. Stranded on an unknown island, the crew is beckoned into a cave by a riddle leading to a golden chalice of unlimited water. After drinking from the chalice, the crew venture deeper into the cave, slowly losing their human needs and minds, until they are transformed into skeletons. Only Flameheart retained his memories, thereby becoming a Skeleton Lord.

At the end of the cave sat a Skeleton Lord, The Cap'n, former captain of a ship Flameheart Sr. was a part of. He created the riddle that tricked Flameheart's crew into drinking from the cursed chalice, and decides to take him under his wing.