Captain's Quarters

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Captain's Quarters
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Location Ships

The Captain's Quarter is located in the aft (back) section of every ship. The Captain's Quarter of each ship is quite different, with their current only common feature being the Voyage table and Shelves. After buying Voyages from one of the three Companies, voyages can be placed and voted upon on the Table in the Captain's Quarters. Once started, both voyages and Tall Tales can be canceled here. The shelf is technically just a decoration, but it is often used to "store" small treasure (skulls, trinkets, mermaid gems, etc.).

Sloop[edit | edit source]

The Captain's Quarter of the Sloop is right below the helm, covered by a sailcloth (the colour of which depends on your ship Livery, not the Sail type). This area offers a passage between the lower and top deck, but is quite cramped due to limited space. The Captain's Quarter of the Sloop houses the Voyage table, a Shelf and Barrels on the left-hand side for smaller treasure placement, a Weapon and Ammo Chest right by the stairs, a window on each side for taking shots out of or bailing water (make sure you aim the water out of the window, not above, otherwise the water will hit the window covering and splash right back in the ship), a Map Table right under the sailcloth (allowing the solo captain to quickly check the map from right behind the Helm above) and a Rowboat dock right behind the Map Table. This area on the Sloop can sustain damage from cannon fire. The holes in the Captain's Quarter do not fill up the ship with water very quickly as it is above the water level, however the more damage the ship receives, the more dangerous these small holes become.

Brigantine[edit | edit source]

The Captain's Quarter of the Brigantine is situated right behind the stairs of the bottom deck and is even more cramped than the Sloop's, having more decorative elements such as a bed, a white drape, an uninteractable chest and a windowed wall separating the quarters from the rest of the ship on one side. The only common element here is the Voyage table and the smaller Shelf for placing trinkets. Due to its cramped nature, the Brigantine's Captain's Quarter is an excellent place to hide your treasure or maybe even yourself when on an enemy ship. The most common hiding spot is right behind the windowed wall and the Voyage Table. Despite the bottom of the stairs being open and spacious, no items can be placed under it. As with the sloop, the Captain's Quarter of the Brigantine can sustain damage from cannon fire. Similarly, the holes in the back will not fill up the ship with water as fast as holes in the front, however they should be tended to at once, as the Brigantine only has one bottom deck and will fill up very quick if left without attention. Due to the drapes and the bed taking up all of the space at the back of the ship, the holes that appear behind them can be tricky to plank from an angle.

Galleon[edit | edit source]

The Captain's Quarter off the Galleon is both the most fleshed out of the three. It is a fully decorated separate room situated right below the Helm. It is accessible from two doors, one on the front (leading to the main deck) and one on the left side (leading to the balcony and Rowboat Dock). The only actually interactable item in the Galleon's Captain's Quarter is the Voyage table, with the rest filling merely decorative purposes. Interestingly enough, despite there being a single Lantern that can be extinguished and lit in the Captain's Quarters, there is also a chandelier and a handful of candles that cannot be extinguished, making it impossible to darken out the room on a Galleon. The main decorative elements of the room are a bed, a shelf, two cupboard, two chests, a bookcase, a throne, four windows, a galleon miniature, two birdcages and a shark jaw bone trophy. The Captain's Quarter on the Galleon is mainly used to stash and hide treasure (or yourself, if on an enemy ship). The main treasure stashing spots are behind either side of the door, either on the bed behind the door, on the chest on the other side or behind the throne. More experienced pirates have been seen to expertly hide treasure on top of the door or the chandelier. The Captain's Quarter of the Galleon also allows access to the Captain's balcony, which can be used to hide from close combat, access the rowboat or to even use diversion maneuvers of jumping to and from the side windows and ladders to confuse enemy pirates regarding your location in the midst of battle.