Cannon Cove

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Cannon Cove
CannonCove 1.png
Type Island
Location The Shores of Plenty
Map Coordinates G-10
Animals Chicken

Cannon Cove is an Island in Sea of Thieves, situated in The Shores of Plenty.

Description[edit | edit source]

This island is named after a giant central peak that resembles a cannon, which has a cave entrance on its south side. There is a vertical opening that extends past the cave roof, where above sits a Skeleton Throne. At the tip of the peak sits a beacon that can be lit for the Festival of the Damned. The only way to get to the beacon is through a cannon on your ship.

Known Riddles[edit | edit source]

Impaled Adventurer

The impaled adventurer to the South East holds an ancient secret, seek it out then lift a beacon

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Impaled Adventurer

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Impaled Adventurer on the map
The Grove below the tip of Cannon Peak

Seek the grove below the tip of Cannon Peak, keep a weather eye, it lies in wait for a light held high

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The Grove below the tip of Cannon Peak

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The Grove below the tip of Cannon Peak on the map
Painted Tale of a Monstrous Foe

Find the painted tale of a monstrous foe, if I remember right, 7 paces North East, unearth my gold there you might

Forgotten Castaway on the East beach

... Find the forgotten castaway on the east beach...

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Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • In the cave, there is a reference to player @TheAaronLeigh for participation in the Technical Alpha phase of the game, in the form of a coin stabbed by a dagger, and the name carved into a barrel lid.[1]
  • Just off the dock, there is a rock with the names of players carved into it, as thanks for contributions in the Technical Alpha release of the game. The players referenced are @KattTruewalker, KnightXIII ( @KnightX13 ), @IOnEI-Falcon, @Runic & TheAaronLeigh ( @Pikaaroon )[1]

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