Burnin' Tony

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Burnin' Tony
Burnin' Tony.png
Type NPC
Location Ruby's Fall

Burnin' Tony is a trader on Ruby's Fall and a possible target for Cargo Run voyages. Can be found nestled between a glowing rock formation on the islet at the west side of the island.

Dialogue[edit | edit source]

Dialogue icon.png

Ahoy! Burnin' Tony here - no, I mean regular old Tony! Okay, I may be known as an arsonist, but I'm reformed.

You're an arsonist?!

REFORMED arsonist, thank you!
I don't know, burn a few ships down and you get such a bad reputation.
And that tavern, well, the lanterns were not up to safety standards and the wood was awfully dry.
I've learned my lesson.

So, is that why you're out here?

Yeah, they told me I had to live on an island, where I couldn't set fire to any more shops, ships or peg legs.
Captain Morrow said it was for... re-flab-lilly-tation. Or something like that.
But at least I can watch the pretty volcanoes.
The beautiful fire... dancing... consuming... spreading...
Yeah, I belong out here.

What will you do with your time instead?

I'm meant to do more wholesome activites
Stealing, looting, stabbing, shooting... you know, normal pirate stuff that's more socially acceptable.
Oh it turns out I can knit pretty well, too.