Brimstone Casket

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Brimstone Casket
Brimstone Casket.png
Type Artefact
Location The Devil's Roar
Company Gold Hoarders

The Brimstone Casket is one of the Artefacts in Sea of Thieves, a Treasure related to the Gold Hoarders.

Where to Find

Like most Artefacts, the Brimstone Casket can be found:

Pirate Chat

The Unique Pirate Chat dialogue option for the Brimstone Casket is: "The embellishment is impeccable!"


  • Brimstone Casket, along with all other Artefacts, have a golden (orange for Ashen versions) shine with a lens-glare-like effect when looked at from a certain distance.
  • Up to 3 Artefacts can be placed into Container Chests for hiding and easier hauling.
  • The Reward shown is an estimate of minimum and max value when sold.