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Bounty Voyage
Location Order of Souls

A Bounty Voyage is a Voyage bought from the Order of Souls. It can consist of one or more Bounty Maps, each sending Players to a different island to defeat Bounty Skeletons.

Bounty Skulls are earned from each Bounty Skeleton and can be sold for Gold and Reputation.


  • Higher level voyages increase the amount of Bounty Skeletons and the overall value of the skulls earned.
  • The type of Bounty Skeleton that will be encountered is recognizable on the Bounty Voyage.
    • However, the Bounty Map will only indicate the type of the last waves of skeletons, which will include the Skeleton Crew and Skeleton Captains.
      • If Skeletons shown on the same Bounty Map are of different types, they will appear in different waves, with each wave containing Skeletons all of the same type.
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